Romance and comedy are a match made in heaven. Ask anyone and they’ll be able to tell you their absolute favorite romcom. Anyone can get inspired by the ideal meet-cute or the perfect final speech. But we want to take a moment to recognize the unsung heroes of romcoms: the parents. They’re supporting characters, but typically can be the reason it all works out in the end. Here are a few of our favorites.

Juno | Mac MacGuff

clip of juno and her father talking the kitchen

Mac MacGuff handles the potentially very stressful situation of his teenage daughter being pregnant with humor and love. He knows he can’t change what has happened, but that doesn’t mean that he stops being the dad he’s always been. He knows when to focus on what’s important and have a sincere conversation, but will always find an opportunity to poke fun at his kids to keep life light and humorous.

“Is it boy troubles? Cause I don’t really approve of you dating in your condition.”

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10 Things I Hate About You | Dr. Walter Stratford

Walter Stratford from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You on a stationary bike

Walter is a gynecologist who is doing his best as a single parent. What he thinks is best is doing everything in his power to protect his daughters from making misguided mistakes. While it’s clear that his intensity can be overbearing on his kids, his intensions are full of love and care for them. As a parent, he’s proud to be the un-cool master of rules but is also humble enough to eventually admit when he’s wrong.

“You know fathers don’t like to admit it when their daughters are capable of running their own lives. It means we’ve become spectators.”

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Love Actually | Daniel

daniel from the movie love actually talking to his son sam

After young Sam’s mother dies, he and his stepdad, Daniel, struggle to cope with the loss together. However, it’s not the mutual loss they feel that brings them closer, it’s figuring out the answer to an age-old question: ‘how do you get a girl to like you?’ Daniel encourages Sam to be bold and courageous in chasing after romantic love, despite still processing the loss of his own. He, in turn, learns something about dealing with loss from his young son.

“Sam, you’ve got nothin’ to lose, and you’ll always regret it if you don’t! I never told your mom enough. I should have told her every day because she was perfect every day. You’ve seen the films, kiddo. It ain’t over ’til its over.”

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While You Were Sleeping | Ox & Midge Callaghan (+ Family)

jack proposing to lucy while his family looks on in the movie while you were sleeping

Unconditional love. That’s the perfect way to describe this quirky Chicago family. Despite their distant relationship with son/brother Peter, the Callaghans are by his side while he’s in a coma. Meanwhile, they lovingly welcome his assumed fiance, Lucy, into the family without question. And even when the big misunderstanding is revealed, they continue their unconditional love for Lucy and their sons as she wants to marry Jack instead.

Lucy: “The truth was that I fell in love with you.”
Ox Callahan: “You fell in love with me?”
Lucy: “No, N-o, yes. All of you. I went from being all alone to being a fiancee, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, and a friend.”

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The Big Sick | Beth & Terry Gardner

Terry motions for Kumail to join them in the cafeteria at the hospital in the movie the big sick

A parent’s worst nightmare: they get a call that their daughter is sick and in a coma at the hospital. This situation was made even worse by their own challenges in their marriage. Despite all of that, Beth & Terry Gardner manage to get to know their daughter’s concerned ex-boyfriend and ultimately, encourage them to find some reconciliation with each other after she goes through her post-coma therapy.

Kumail: “I think I screwed up with your daughter.”
Beth: “Yeah, you did.”

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The Proposal | Grace Paxton + Gammie

andrew's grandma hugs him and margret in the movie the proposal

Andrew’s mom and grandma are filled with delight that he’s engaged to be married. They do everything they can to make Margaret feel like a part of the family—from her wedding dress and jewelry to caring for her needs. Even when everyone finds out that it’s all been a stunt to help his boss get a green card, their instincts are laser-focused. They can tell they’re truly in love. Gammie evens fakes a heart attack to get Andrew to the airport to run after her.

“Marry me. Because I’d like to date you.”

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Love, Simon | Emily + Jack Spier

a clip from the movie love, simon in which simon and his dad hug

Getting through high school is rough, not only for the kids but for their parents too. It’s the time when parents have to start letting go. Simon is close to both of his parents but still fears being honest with them about his full identity. When he’s forced to share with the world that he’s gay, both of his parents wrap him in their love and support. Emily and Jack want one thing for Simon – for him to be a happy, full human – and that’s pretty great.

Simon: Did you know?
Emily: I knew you had a secret. When you were little, you were so carefree. But these last few years, more and more, it was almost like I can feel you holding your breath. I wanted to ask you about it, but I didn’t want to pry. Maybe I made a mistake.

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Crazy Rich Asians | Kerry Chu

a clip from crazy rich asians

Rachel’s mom literally walked away from everything she knew to give Rachel the best life possible. She keeps her past close to her chest to protect her daughter from heartache. But when it counts, she steps up, shares what she knows and offers support when her daughter needs it most. It’s clear that Rachel’s strength, kindness and perseverance come directly from being raised by a mother who led by example.

Rachel Chu: Hey, mom, this one’s kind of cute. What do you think?
Kerry Chu: No, no, no, no! You can’t wear that to meet Nick’s Ah Ma. Blue and white is for Chinese funerals.

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