Some version of that question has floated through the mind of every parent for the past (almost!) 2 years. We threw A LOT at them in that time. From political strife to civil unrest to a global pandemic. This generation of little ones is living through multiple once-in-a-lifetime moments simultaneously and they haven’t even hit puberty.

As this year winds down, there’s a lot of worry among parents about how their kids are holding up. Are they still behind in school because of remote learning? How much anxiety will stick with them? How will this affect their friendships in the long run? Will they have attachment issues after so much time being isolated? The list of worries can easily build up.


For any parent struggling with the swirl of worrying questions, below is a quick checklist of things you can use to gauge if your kids are going to be ok.

#1 – Do they feel loved?
#2 – Do they feel safe?
#3 – Do they feel supported?

If they answer yes, to any/all of these, the kids are going to be alright.

We’re living through truly unprecedented times. Moving into a new year, we need to cut ourselves a massive break. We need to remember we are still in a crisis.  We’ve made it this far and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re just in the beginning of recovering. So…

  • If they miss a remote learning session, it’s ok.
  • If they spend multiple hours with screens in a single day, it’s ok.
  • If no one changes out of PJs all day, it’s ok.
  • If they don’t have beautiful home-cooked meals, it’s ok.
  • If the laundry goes an extra day or two without being folded, it’s ok.
  • If you oversleep, it’s ok.
  • If the grades are less than stellar, it’s ok.
  • If bath times are missed, it’s ok.
  • If you need to cry, it’s ok.
  • If they need to cry, it’s ok.


Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all and unsure if you’re keeping it together. Focus on the 3 most important things to your kids being ok – love, safety, and support. Everything else is just extra. Ground yourself in keeping it simple and let the stress lessen.


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