Well, it’s been a full year of celebrating holidays differently and we’re back around to the Easter season. While we’re all still socially distancing, here are some ideas of ways to celebrate with the family.

Easy and Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideaseaster eggs decorated by drawing simple flowers on them

Decorating eggs with kids always runs the risk of a major mess with a lot of Pinterest fails taking up space in your fridge. If you want a creative afternoon that both you and the kids will love, try one of these simple (and affordable!) Easter egg decorating ideas.

Join an Online Egg Hunt

Go on a one-hour virtual egg hunt around the world, following clues that lead you to websites where you must find eggs and answer fun questions about them. You can join a public hunt or book a private game with your friends. (Ages 10+)

Peeps in a Pile Gamebunny-shaped "Peep" marshmallow candy

This Easter game is just like Jenga, only with Peeps! To play, place a coaster in the middle of your table and put a Peep on it. (Make sure you buy the flat bunny Peeps, not the lumpy chick ones). Players take turns adding Peeps to the pile until the pile falls over. And, of course, the person who causes that to happen is out.

Add A Puzzling Twist

This is an exciting twist on the classic Easter egg hunt. To play, buy an easy (this is key!) Easter-themed puzzle and some plastic eggs. Place one piece of the puzzle in each egg and hide them around the house or yard. Everyone searches for the eggs and puts the puzzle together as they find each piece. This game is great for kids ages seven and up.

Bunny Ears Craftbunny ear headband made from pipe cleaners

Set up a craft station ready with some basic supplies for kids to make some fun Easter Bunny ears. Basic supplies you can easily get: pipe cleaners, plain headbands, bobby pins. After that, it’s just all decorations and a glue gun!

Adult Baskets

Just like it’s fun for the kids to find their baskets and look through all the fun things inside, you and your partner can make baskets for each other. You can even have the kids hide them somewhere in the house so that you have something to hunt for too!

Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Huntplastic easter eggs with glow sticks inside

Test this on your plastic eggs first, but if it works, you can do an egg hunt at night, or in the house with all the lights off. Just get mini glow sticks and put one inside of each egg.

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