With so much going on in the world right now, it’s hard to untangle the complicated web of stressors in our life. Especially when that life includes the exhausting (and rewarding) work of raising kids. Sometimes, needing to disconnect from the world helps us sort through the weight of parental responsibility. But, other times it really helps to have the space to process these thoughts out loud with other parents who understand.

That’s what the Moms You Meet on the Playground podcast is for—to help us all feel a little less alone with the concerns of parenting. Particularly, the concerns that also come with parenting during a pandemic.

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The most recent guest on the show, Krista Chambers, shared her unique pandemic as a parent so far: 1 week after giving birth to her second child in March, everyone went into lockdown. Fast forward 8 months and she’s been a repeat rider on the roller coaster of wanting to work but also wanting to spend time with her kids—especially her newborn.


Every mom—every parent—struggles with how to navigate time with their kids and the time they spend doing other things. Adding a global pandemic on top of all of that, it’s hard to know where one issue starts and another ends. While our perspectives and experiences may differ from one another, we can all relate to the struggle.


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