Life just isn’t slowing down, is it? Rather than stress out about how to manage it all, we’re providing a helping hand so you can keep the whole crew organized. Your smartphone is used for nearly everything else, so why not let it support you as you manage your family’s schedule? Stay connected where it matters most. From Apple to Android, and Google to Outlook, today’s shared family calendar apps do all the work for you. Every family member that carries a device can be on the same calendar page, ensuring no one is left at soccer practice without a ride.

How do shared family apps keep you organized?

Say goodbye to that messy whiteboard hanging in your kitchen that’s erased and updated on a daily basis. Shared family calendar apps allow you to keep everything related to your schedule (and more) in one central spot. Let it serve as your personal assistant, letting you know where you need to be, who’s doing what, and what’s on tap for dinner tonight. That’s right—many family calendar apps even have a place for meal planning.

Check out these top 3 shared family calendar apps

Thousands of busy families have already adopted a shared calendar app. Now it’s your turn to see what all the fuss is about. Check out the top three downloaded shared family calendar apps from the Apple store and see which is the right one for your family. Each app is compatible with other devices as well.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is all about coordination. With a goal of keeping the entire family “on the same page”, this family calendar app helps you track activities, manage your grocery list and plan dinner with saved recipes. Cozi has a clean, user-friendly design. With just a quick glance you can see exactly what your day has in store for you and each family member. It even has a place to add your kid’s chores. And if you’re a parent on the go, you can set notification reminders, so you’ll always be in the know.


Review: My husband is always asking me, “do we have anything planned for next weekend!?” – after I have told him our plans almost daily for the last month – NOW I can say “check the cozi!!”. My husband is a Samsung lover, and I’m an Apple advocate, so this helps join our lives easily. -Kshoe14

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FamCal: Shared Family Calendar

FamCal is best known for keeping your family connected. The app is designed to, not only organize your life, but also keeps spirits high among family members. You can share a special moment with your spouse or kids through a note or photo. Events can be color-coded depending on the person and shared with everyone. FamCal also provides a shopping list feature, and allows you to assign tasks to the appropriate person. Imagine letting your kids know they need to clean their room when they get home from school—right from the app.


Review: My wife and kids use FamCal all the time to keep track of each other’s schedule. We have a shopping list so that any time one of us picks an item up we check it off in FamCal and it updates across our group immediately. -Allen W Thomsen


TimeTree: Shared Calendar

Timetree prides itself for being a single service that can be used several different ways. You can avoid the back and forth texts about who’s picking up the kids from art class because everything is seamlessly stored in the app. Each person using the app can have their own private calendar and use a shared calendar for groups or families. Also, if you have sitters who don’t have the app, you’re still able to share your schedule with them.


Review: I love TimeTree for so many reasons. I can create multiple color coded calendars and toggle easily between them or see them all. I can share certain schedules with my husband. I can attach pictures to events. -51210girls


Shared family calendar app: Features: Cost:
  • To-do list
  • Family journal
  • Reminder notifications
  • Meal plan & save recipes
  • Share your shopping list
Free (with ads) or $30 (without ads)
  • No email required for kids
  • Share moments
  • Post comments
  • Share contacts
  • Color-code events
  • Assign tasks
  • Share calendar with people who don’t use the app
  • Manage paperwork and forms
  • Multiple calendars for groups
  • Save tentative events
  • Share memos


4 tips for using shared family calendar apps

Schedule date nights. Time management experts vow that putting all tasks and appointments on your calendar keep you accountable. And date night is no exception. Productivity blogger, Paul Minors, says that, “once you make this promise, it becomes harder to procrastinate”. Another example? Hello, gym!

Make it your hub. Make a commitment to put everything in the app and always keep it updated. When you don’t have three different places to check before you make a new appointment, life feels easier.

Use it on the go. As soon as something comes up, add it to the app. If you’re at the dentist and you make your next appointment, forgo that little reminder card. Add it to your shared family calendar app before you leave the office.

Include your sitters. Whether you have a full-time nanny or a team of great sitters supporting your family, including them in your shared family app is the perfect way to keep them informed and engaged. Send them reminders and a thank you while they post updates in the app for you.

Since one of your many titles is “family organizer”, commit to simplifying this part of your life once and for all. Embrace your phone for more than just its Instagram scrolling capabilities and get to work filling in your shiny, new, easy to use family calendar.

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