Work, school, extracurriculars, board meetings, social events, school plays, dance recitals, sports practice, volunteer commitments…rinse, repeat. Sound familiar? For parents, August means a return to the chaos of the back-to-school season. And at Sittercity, we’re working moms and dads too—which is why we understand that for parents, convenience is key.

But when it comes to making it all work, we know it’s not just about finding the right sitter. That’s why we’re partnering with Home Chef this month to help make the back-to-school season a little less hectic for families. Here’s how Home Chef can solve your biggest dinner dilemmas.

Parent approved

Let’s get real: most working moms and dads consider it a solid win if they get microwavable mac and cheese on the table before 8 p.m. Bonus points for a side of steamed broccoli.  

But what if you could up your game with zero extra effort?

With 18 unique meals each week, Home Chef offers plenty of delicious, home-cooked options (that don’t involve powdered cheese).  In addition to new recipes, there’s tons of reimagined favorites, like BBQ shrimp pizza or Acapulco steak quesadillas—meals that will expand your family’s favorite recipes without having to coax kids into trying something that “looks weird.”

Home Chef also makes it easy to eat on the go—with new 5-minute lunches that don’t require any cooking, it’s easy to pack a quick lunch that both parents and kids will enjoy. Try the prosciutto wrap or the brown rice spring roll bowl.

Bonus time

Saving precious minutes when you’re a parent can mean more time with the kids, an opportunity for self-care or even tackling a long-neglected project. And the convenience of Home Chef doesn’t just save you time with meals that are ready in about 30 minutes—you’ll also drop weekly meal planning from your to-do list and avoid last-minute, rage-inducing trips to the grocery store to purchase the one (because of course it’s just one) item that was forgotten during the weekly trip.

Home Chef makes the morning rush a breeze, too—with yummy smoothies like the Groovy Ruby or the Strawberry Orange, breakfast is just a blend away.

But it’s not only time you end up saving. Having pre-portioned ingredients means no accidental overbuying or planning and shopping with the best of intentions only to realize your schedule is too jam-packed for tons of prep work. Waste is minimized and the guilt of spending money on food you don’t have time to make is gone.

Meals your sitter can cook

Need to bring in reinforcements? Home Chef makes delegating dinner duty to your sitter or your partner simple. Easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients make it easy to create and plate your favorites. So, forget the frozen pizza and let your sitter prepare a fresh meal for your family. The kids might even enjoy watching, taste testing, or stirring a few things here and there!

Try Home Chef for less.

Home Chef can help you lighten your daily load during the hectic back-to-school season, and right now, they are offering Sittercity families an opportunity to try their meal delivery service for less. Get $35 off your first box, plus an additional $10 off your second box—so you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time catching up with the kids at the end of a long school day. Happy cooking!  

Ready to try Home Chef? Get your $35 off now!

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