It’s that time of the year in which everyone is eager to snuggle up around a fire (indoor or out), and embrace the scarier parts of life—all in anticipation of Halloween. Sometimes, ghosts stories can get too intense or contain content that isn’t ideal for younger ears. So, we’ve put together a list of ghost stories in podcast or audiobook format that the whole family can enjoy.

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The Creeping HourThe Creeping Hour

The Creeping Hour is a horror anthology series hosted by the Creeps, three friends who listened to too many scary stories and turned into monsters themselves. The whole family can huddle together, shivering with fright and shaking with laughter, as they join the cast of Creeps telling terrifying tales.
Ages 8-12

revenge of the creepsRevenge of the Creeps…and Other Scary Stories

A collection of scary stories by a 6-year-old author, Natalie, who is obsessed with creating and sharing her scary stories with other children. These stories are for people who love the feeling of getting scared from spooky stories. Natalie also shares her experiences as she travels to haunted places across the US, answers questions from children around the world, reviews scary books, interviews others on scary topics, and share lots of other fun scary stuff!
Ages 3+

PodikinsPodikins: Happy Halloween, Waxless Charlie!

On this special Halloween episode of Podikins, you’re back on the case with the world-famous Sound Investigator, Charles H. Waxman. You’ll be tagging along as you help him solve the case of just who (or what?!) is making all those spooky noises coming from 485 Boneyard Lane! If you haven’t heard the previous Sound Sleuth episodes, head on back to Episode 003 to help solve the case of the mystery tape or Episode 007 to help Waxless figure out what’s keeping a canary up at night.
All Ages

the alien adventures of finn caspianThe Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: “The Legend of Sleepy Marlowe”

In this standalone episode of the sci-fi serial, the kids aboard the Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station find themselves haunted by a headless robot. Engineer Elias tries to make new robot heads to appease the bot, but ends up making a few mistakes along the way. It’s an homage to the favorite Halloween-time tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, and an excuse to make a robot werewolf!
Ages 5-10

a teeny tiny halloweenA Teeny Tiny Halloween

In this audiobook, listeners will settle in for a Halloween-focused story that’s fun and not too frightening. Narrator Elisabeth Rodgers quietly yet firmly emphasizes the words “teeny tiny,” while gentle music and sound effects of rustling leaves evoke the autumn night. What will the teeny tiny woman find under the huge pile of leaves? Halloween surprises await!
Ages 4-6

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los gatos black on halloweenLos Gatos Black On Halloween

The spooky spirit of the Halloween season is evoked in a colorfully illustrated book and a fun audio rendition by Maria Conchita Alonso. Imaginations will be fired up by an evocative narration of the story, which is complemented by the images. Background sounds include yowling cats and groaning monsters, and a haunting array of Spanish words fills the story as well. Listeners are provided with the option to select a track with or without page-turning cues and a track with a glossary of the Spanish terms used in the story.
Ages 4-6


When the Monroe family brings a bunny home one night, they have no idea what the effect will be. But when vegetables turn up drained of their juices and the bunny is observed to sleep all day and prowl outside his cage at night, Chester the cat becomes very suspicious. How he attempts to prove his suspicions are correct makes for uproariously funny stories. The humor exists on several levels, from slapstick to literary—making it equally enjoyable (and spooky) for both children and adults.
Ages 8+

Ivy + bean and the ghost that had to goIvy & Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go

The usually well-behaved second-grader, Ivy, sees a ghost in the girls’ bathroom. Soon the whole school knows, and while some kids are interested, others are frightened into using other bathrooms—annoying the teachers and prompting Ivy and Bean to come up with a plan. All humor and drama as the girls scheme to expel the ghost with their imaginative exorcism.
Ages 6+

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