We don’t need a holiday as a reason to make cute crafts with kids, but they sure do provide a lot of inspiration. We’ve got a list of Valentine’s Day-inspired crafts that the babysitter can do with the kids this year.


Pastel Heart Art

When smearing something is what’s supposed to happen! With very little prep, kids can get their fingers messy and create unique heart images to use for cards or just for decoration.
children's art of hearts made from smeared pastels
Learn more here.
Supplies: Soft Pastels, Cardstock, Scissors, Painters Tape, Cotton Swabs


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Footprint Valentines

Capture their adorably tiny feet and turn it into a Valentine for mom and dad.
Valentine's Day cards made from footprints.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Cardstock, Tempra Paint, Markers, Valentine’s Day Stickers

Heart Art Banner

This could be a big afternoon project, or you could stretch it out over a few days. No stress on making the best heart—the banner needs lots. Let their decorating creativity run wild.
Banner of individually decorated hearts strung together.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Pink + Red Cardstock, Scissors, Dot Markers, Glue Sticks, Sequins, Glitter Dots, Pens, Crayons

Heart Fingerprint Tree

Each kid is unique, and so are their fingerprints.
A heart-shaped tree made from fingerprints.
Learn more here.
Supplies: 2 Sheets White Paper (per kid), Red + Pink Ink Pads or Finger Paint, Black Marker, Scissors, Pencil

Salt Dough Hanging Hearts

A more durable decoration you can use year after year.
Valentines Day decoration made from salt dough.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Salt Dough, Heart-Shaped Cutters, Heart Confetti, Glitter, Sequins, Ribbon

Folded Paper Hearts

Simple, easy, adorable.
Folded paper hearts.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Paper, Ruler, Pencil, Scissors, Glue Stick, Paint (optional)

Candy-Free Valentines

Kids get plenty of sugar. Help them create fun Valentines for their friends that don’t include candy.
Valentines Day cards that do not include candy.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Dollar Store Trip, Whatever Card-Making Supplies You Want

Homemade Heart Bird  Treats

How about a Valentine for the birds?
Kids making a Valentines Day treat for birds.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Flour, Water, Corn Syrup, Birdseed, Cookie Cutters, Plastic Straw, Yarn

Build Candy Heart Structures

When engineering is just plain fun. See how many different shapes you and the kids can make!
A kid making a shape with toothpicks and gummy candy.
Learn more here.
Supplies: Toothpicks, Gummy Hearts, Timer (optional), Measuring Tape (optional)

Minute to Win It Games

Make a competition out of it! There are many different games that you and the kids can play—all using candy hearts.
Conversation candy hearts
Learn more here.
Supplies: Conversation Candy Hearts, Assorted Paper + Household Items

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