6 Must-Have Tips for Becoming an #IncredibleSitter

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Our favorite animated babysitter, Auntie Edna, is back in action! This month, we’re pairing up with Disney/Pixar to celebrate the Digital and Blu-ray release of Incredibles 2, and the all-new “Auntie Edna” short. Our sitters might not have laser vision or the power of invisibility, but they do have one of the most important superpowers of all — keeping kids safe and happy! Here are a few tips to up your babysitting game from great to #incredible.

1. Create an incredible profile.

Get attention from local families by creating a standout profile on Sittercity. Your profile is like a resume, and will help potential employers learn more about you.

Share as much information as possible about other child care jobs you’ve held, show off your personality by including your hobbies and passions, and choose a photo that will make your profile pop! Here are a few other great tips on crafting an awesome Sittercity profile.

2. Get a background check.

Show families you’re a hero (not a villain!) by completing a background check. It’s one of the first things families look for when they view your profile—and they’ll be five times more likely to contact you if you have one. Plus, dispute any inconsistencies on your record in advance, so you don’t have to address them in the middle of an interview.

3. Write a winning job application.

Shapeshifting and teleportation probably aren’t on your resume, but calming toddler tantrums, making up games on the fly, and cooking allergy-friendly meals are superpowers in our book. When you’re submitting job applications, let your child care skills shine by sharing specific examples, telling stories about previous jobs, and addressing the details of each individual job post. And don’t forget to mention when you’re available for an interview! Check out a few more tips for writing a great application here.

4. Ace your interview.

Even though you might already be a superstar sitter, interviews can feel scary (especially if it’s your first one). But meeting a new family doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Being prepared is the most important thing you can do to make sure your interview goes well. Dress comfortably and professionally, review any details you know about the family, practice your answers to common interview questions, and come up with your own. And don’t forget to say thank you! Sending an email or handwritten card after your meeting will help you stand out and reinforce why you’re the perfect fit for the job.

5. Ask the right questions.

You nailed the interview and you’ve been hired — congrats! Once you’ve landed a great job, make sure you know all the right details about the family you’ll be working for. What are the house rules? Are there any limitations on screen time? How often can the kids have playdates? Make sure your first week goes smoothly by checking these questions off your list.

6. Be communicative.

Let families know how each sitting went with a full report. Giving parents a verbal update is great, but a written summary makes you incredible. Offer a write-up with details about how the day went, including information about meals, nap schedules, activities you did together, playdates, and anything else you think the family should know. If you babysit a family regularly, keep a running notebook or binder at their house so that parents can easily reference past sittings and see all of your notes in one place.

Incredibles 2 is available on Digital, Movies Anywhere, & 4K Ultra HD now, and Blu-ray and DVD on November 6.

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