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Child care is a competitive space. There are lots of ways you can make your profile stand out, from running proactive background checks to getting certifications. However, reviews from the families you work for go a long way to making your applications stand out.

With any business, there are the core functions that everyone must accomplish. For child care professionals, it’s making sure the child is safe and healthy. Those things are non-negotiable. However, there are things you can do for families to go the extra mile with very little extra work.

For example, grocery shopping is a massive chore. It’s a job in and of itself. However, that doesn’t mean families won’t ask if you’re able to add a chore like this to your to-do list. Historically, the labor of walking the grocery aisles with kids in tow has been a non-starter. But that’s starting to change. A slew of on-demand delivery services has made it possible for you to cross it off the list without even setting foot in a store. The downside, however, is that they can be too expensive for many people.

That’s why we’re keeping an eye on the new feature Walmart recently announced, InHome. It’s takes it all to the next level. It’ll be a tool that could be an easy win as a sitter and as a busy human.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, visit and select if you prefer kitchen or garage fridge delivery
  • After you’ve signed up, a professional technician will come and install your smart lock in just a few minutes, and will walk you through how to use the service
  • After installation, you’re ready for InHome! Order your groceries from Walmart Grocery and select “InHome” as your delivery option
  • On your delivery day, a Walmart associate (a full-time employee who has been working at the store for at least one year) will grocery shop, deliver, and put away your groceries. Basically, they take care of everything.

women and children opening the fridge

And here’s why we think it could be a game-changer for people looking to save time and add value:

Walmart is EVERYWHERE 

City-dwellers have had grocery apps for a few years. However, once you move out of major metropolitan areas, it’s a service that’s harder to come by. It’s no surprise that Walmart is all over the country and this addition could be a first step to finally bringing a time-saving resource to everyone. The pilot program is rolling out now in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach. And they’re just getting started. InHome has plans to roll out to more cities in 2020.

You’ll Get What You’re Looking For 

Walmart carries everything. Current grocery delivery services have left people wanting. There doesn’t seem to be one that carries all of the brands you want in a single order. But Walmart does, and they have the largest selection of organic produce in the country. The one-stop-shop has finally become the one-stop-on-demand-shop. 

At the Right Price 

The value found at Walmart is why it’s the leader in the space. Yes, there’s an added cost of the service, but right now most grocery delivery is tied to boutique shopping. It will be nice to bake the value of shopping Walmart products into the experience. And, there is absolutely no extra costs with InHome, there are no hidden fees, they don’t allow tipping, and the prices of items are the exact same that you’ll find in-store—so all you pay is your monthly membership and the cost of your groceries. 

A State-of-the-Art App

The demos of the app are impressive—to say the least. The focus seems to be on transparency and ensuring a great experience for the customer. You know exactly who’s delivering your order, when it’s happening, and you have the ability to watch the delivery from your phone, in real-time! 

walmart associate stocking a fridge

Think about it. All you need to say to a parent is “Leave me the grocery list and funds and I’ll take care of it.” Once you’ve placed the order you can continue about your day and check something off their list. 

Over the decades, the process of acquiring groceries has gotten better and better. The Walmart InHome service is definitely a welcomed addition and is sure to be a game-changer for busy people across the country. 

Even if the grocery store visit isn’t something you’ll ever want to add to your list of services, it could be a useful tool for you as well. We all can agree that there are probably other things you could use your time for that are better than weaving in and out of grocery aisles. It’s exciting to see that the 2.0 version of grocery delivery is on its way. If you’re in Kansas City, Pittsburgh, or Vero Beach you’ll be in the first wave of the program. 

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