When is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

We’ll be celebrating MLK Day this year on Monday, January 18, 2021. While King’s birthday is January 15, the federal holiday is always observed on the third Monday of January each year.

How is Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrated?

Many Americans find themselves with a day off of work and posting images and quotes of King on social media, but is that really what the holiday is about? In a word, no. While the words of Martin Luther King Jr. are exceedingly inspirational and should be widely shared, the national holiday is meant to bring those words to life.

“Everybody can be great because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love.”
― Martin Luther King Jr

“A day on, not a day off.”

Thanks in part to the late, great John Lewis, MLK Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities. Observing the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday through service is a way to begin each year with a commitment to making your community a better place. Your service honors Dr. King’s life and teachings and helps meet community challenges.

Your Community Needs You

The pandemic has hit every community hard. Unemployment has skyrocketed and families are struggling. For 1 in 6 adults with children, their households have lacked sufficient food in the past 7 days. Small businesses, artists, and non-profit organizations are either shutting down or barely staying afloat.

This year, make a commitment to honor Dr. King’s legacy and provide some teaching moments for your kids in becoming good citizens. Learn more about the official MLK Day of Service and find ways to volunteer together as a family.

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