After a year and a half of managing the mental load of child care, education, and enrichment for children, parents (especially moms) are exhausted. 32% of women ages 25-44 said child care was the reason that 4.6 million jobs were lost by women in the U.S. since the pandemic began.

Even though the child care crisis has finally made the front pages and received over $50 billion in relief aid, the mental load of finding and managing high-quality, enriching child care still falls on each individual family. And even worse: most of us have no idea where to start.

Here’s where you can start: The Sittercity Planning Assistant.The Sittercity Planning Assistant on a smartphone

After answering a few questions in this free, 2-minute child care consult, we’ll tell you:

✓  What support you need
✓  Where to find it
✓  How to communicate it

Get your personalized results—take the child care consult now.

illustrations of a baby bottle, a toy train, a rocking horse, and a soccer ball

After figuring out the grocery list for this week’s nutritional meals, everyone’s transportation logistics, how to discipline your child for not cleaning up their toys, whether the baby’s rash is serious or will go away on its own—all on top of bringing fresh and interesting ideas to your job…don’t let decision fatigue take over your child care search process.

Here’s how it works:Take the quick 2-minute quiz, instantly get your full results by email, get even more info from our detailed guidesWe’ve taken the time to think about what questions parents should be asking themselves in order to find the right help they need. Lean on The Sittercity Planning Assistant to help set you on the path to making the right child care decision for your family.Question examples of the Sittercity Planning Assistant

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