As the world turns green again, and there are the fresh scents of spring in the air, an important holiday is just around the corner. Earth Day! On April 22, 2022 more than a billion people around the world will celebrate Earth Day.

The holiday began with a Wisconsin rally in 1970. By 1990 over 140 countries were participating.

Earth Day for kids can be an educational and exciting holiday. There are plenty of ways you can mark this year’s Earth Day with activities for you and your children. It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about protecting the planet. And have some fun too!

Pink banner with text saying "When your logistics hero is the hero they look up to" and showing a nanny and child smiling and standing back-to-back.Get Out Of The Car

Instead of driving to your destination, try going on two wheels instead. A bike ride to the local park or a nature ride can be a great family outing. You could even take a walk or go on a local hike too.

Get Into Your Garden

With snow (hopefully) gone for the year, glove up and get digging. You can start planting your garden now so that soon you and your family will see some beautiful blooms. Perennials can be gorgeous by summer. Or try creating a veggie patch in the backyard. In an apartment? Window gardens are a great option too.

You could also plant a new tree as a family. Take the time to let your children know that trees provide shelter, shade, and oxygen for a whole ecosystem. Billions of them are cut down every year, and it’s not hard to take a small step towards reducing that damage.

Scavenger Hunt Clean Up

Gather together and turn that neighborhood walk into a trash and recycling pick up. Getting a few bags of litter and garbage can be turned into a game too. What can you and your kids spot in the neighborhood? Wildlife? Plants? A friendly neighbor?

Set Some Intentions

Have a family meeting and talk about a few promises you all can make to be greener this next year. Being friendly to Mother Nature could be as easy as using less plastic or reducing your food waste. Or maybe you and the kids can keep track of recycling. You can also all commit to turning off the lights when you leave the room.

If you want to record these promises, turn them into a vision board. You can craft it with recycled materials. Cut photos from magazines. Reuse construction paper and other bits and pieces from around the house.

Green banner with text saying "When your peace of mind is their new best friend" and showing a smiling child care provider & child.Plan A Local Lunch

Visit a local farm or a farmers market that has fresh, organic foods. Shopping local reduces our carbon footprints because there’s less transportation involved. The kids can learn more about sustainable farming practices and get something tasty out of it too!

Watch Nature TV & Films

You can go old school and watch a cartoon-like Captain Planet. The show follows young kids saving the world from environmental danger. Each episode even includes a way the viewer can help prevent pollution.

Or watch a nature documentary with older children. Anything celebrating the rich diversity of animal and plant life is an excellent reminder of why caring for the earth matters.

Turn Off The Lights

Do lamps really need to be on when the sun is out? Does a room need lights when no one’s there? Absolutely not. Commit to turning the lights off during the day. You can even have dinner by candlelight. Talk to your kids about other ways to use less electricity.

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