Here we are again—another summer (almost) in the books as backpacks get filled with new school supplies and fall extracurricular activities are added to the calendar. But don’t close the doors on summer quite yet. There’s still plenty of time to make memories, even if vacations are over and stricter bedtimes loom. Check out these 6 awesome activities to fit in before saying “see ya” to your 2021 summer.

1. Head to a Baseball Game

No matter where you live there is likely a major or minor league baseball team within an hour’s drive. It’s hard to find a better family experience than at the ballpark. Between the wave, hot dogs and ice cream, kid’s games, and well—the great baseball you get to watch—everyone will walk away with full bellies and smiles from ear to ear.

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2. Watch a Movie at the Drive-in

Nothing screams summer quite like pulling up to the big screen and being entertained by a new flick right from your car. While drive-in theatres are becoming harder to find, there are certainly still options. And if you don’t have one close, see if you can find a movie in the park through your local community. Set down a soft blanket, grab some popcorn, and lay amongst the stars.

3. Splash Around in the Water

Waterparks, pools, and lakes—oh my! You could be in Maine or Arizona and still find some body of water to enjoy. If you have little ones make it a point to visit as many splash pads around your city as possible in these next few weeks. Are your kids older? Grab some paddles and a cooler and go canoeing. And if all else fails but your kids are desperate to cool off, throw a sprinkler in your backyard (or an old-school slip and slide).

4. Scream For Ice Cream!

Nothing says summer like a drippy cone of your favorite ice cream flavor. How many ice cream shops can you find around your town? Have each family member pick their favorite spot and head there for a sweet treat. Challenge each person to try a different type of ice cream at every stop.

5. Play a Round of Putt-Putt

Over the bridge and through the cave to a hole-in-one we go! Is there anything more exciting for a kid than seeing their golf ball drop in the hole? Miniature golf is a pastime that will never go out of style and serves as a family-friendly activity that’s easy to do on the fly. This no planning necessary summer must-do is perfect for those cooler nights when you’re looking for an easy (and fun) activity.

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6. Listen Up!

Summer concerts are back and the perfect way to enjoy the end of the season. And don’t feel like you have to hassle with buying tickets, parking, and fighting the crowds at the Taylor Swift show. Most park districts or communities offer a Summer Concert Series right in your backyard (or close to it). So, grab those popsicles and enjoy some dance-worthy tunes that will surely tire out your crew.

Don’t give up on summer quite yet. There’s still plenty of time to plan (or spontaneously do) some extra-fun activities before those alarm clocks blare and the school busses open their doors. Make those last days of summer count, even if it just means catching lightning bugs or laying in the grass and watching the stars. Everyone deserves to finish summer on a high note!

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