Not all of summer break can be full of beautiful, sun-soaked days spent outdoors. Some days will be cloudy, rainy, and downright dreary. Sometimes dreaming up rainy day activities strikes dread in the hearts of parents. But fear not—we have a few simple ideas any kid will love. 

Rainy Day Classics 

The trusty go-tos that have been fighting off indoor boredom for decades.

  • Paper Plate Crafts | The beauty of paper plate crafts is that the possibilities are endless. Don’t believe us, just check out this Pinterest board and get your glue sticks ready.
  • Create an “Indoor Beach” | Silliness is the goal here. Put your suits on, grab books, lay out towels, and make an indoor beach setup. Kids get a kick out of grown-ups playing make-believe with them. Bonus goofball points for drawing a bath just for the splashes.
  • Game Day | It’s the perfect time to raid the game closest. Make it a little extra special by creating a Board Game Olympics. Make and post a schedule, create prizes, and then host an awards ceremony after it’s all done.

Bless This Mess 

The ones you usually say “no” to, but after being trapped indoors for hours they become the heroes.

  • Baking! | Whether it’s sweet treats or a build-your-own pizza for dinner, getting the chance to play with dough (that you can eat!) is always a thrill. If you can look past the mess stress you’ll be having as much fun as the kids. 
  • Fort Building | Calling on all pillows, sheets, and blankets! Start by pulling out everything you have and strategize with the kids where and how it can be built. As the Lead Architect, set expectations with your builders that quality fort-making takes proper preparation and trial + error. Once the fort is complete, the team can have their lunch break inside the newly created masterpiece.
  • DIY Experiments | There’s no shortage of experiments to choose from. Science Fun has an excellent collection of things to try. But sometimes rainy days are unexpected and you might not have the right supplies. That’s ok—make exploring experiment possibilities the activity. Pull out some basic kitchen equipment (measuring cups, bowls, pans) and ration out from cooking supplies you can spare (flour, baking soda, spices) and let the kids get creative.

Just Keep Them Occupied 

The ones that “give you a minute” to check things off your to-do list or simply just take a breath. 

  • Just Add Water! | There’s something irresistible about water to kids. It doesn’t have to be a giant splash pad to get their attention either. Gather a few tupperware containers of varying sizes, fill them with water and set them on top of a towel on the floor or table. Pull out their favorite waterproof(ish) toys and let them have at it. Done.
  • Make Your Own Movie | Kids love screens and rainy days can often slide into screen days. But instead of just sitting in front of the iPad, turn the iPad into a tool. Start the morning by having them write a script for a movie, then let them use the iPad to film their movie. Schedule a lunch or dinner viewing party to make it feel like a special event!
  • Go outside | If it’s just a rain shower, get them geared up and let them jump in the puddles you never let them jump in when your in a hurry!

The most important thing to remember is that sometimes rainy days can be a blessing. It can be nature’s way of telling us to slow down. Enter your rainy days with an open mind and there’s a chance they can turn into some of your favorite summer memories. (Or you can always call the sitter and have them wear the rainy day entertainer hat.)

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