Year after year, you wrack your brain trying to plan a special birthday party for your child. Soon enough, the ideas seem harder to come by. It’s tough to find a place that will keep all the kids entertained, isn’t too hard on your wallet, and doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted. So, we’ve put together a list of the best kids birthday party places for celebrating at any age. And if you decide you want to have your child’s party in your home while still keeping your sanity? Check out these easy and fun birthday party themes that make planning a breeze.

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Ideas for birthday party novices

In the toddler years, parties are mostly about gathering with family at your home and enjoying some food and drinks, while your birthday boy or girl tears into wrapping paper. But once your child gets to the school-age range—around 5 years old—birthday parties seem to take on a whole new level of importance.

So, how do you manage a class full of kindergarteners that has more energy than you know what to do with? Find a place that will provide supervised, age-appropriate entertainment, while making your kid’s birthday party the talk of the town.

5-year-old birthday party places

A gymnastics facility such as The Little Gym is the perfect option for this age group. The kids can run, jump, and tumble until it’s time for cake and ice cream. Finding a local petting zoo is another way to give party guests an opportunity to be hands-on with nature and animals.

You can’t go wrong with a bounce house party, either. There are even facilities opening all around the country specifically for this purpose, so you don’t have to rent one in your backyard. Finally, kids love to show off their latest stuffed animal. Heading home with their very own from a Build-a-Bear birthday party with have them snuggling for days.


Age Party Place Ideas Benefits
Around 5 years old Gymnastics facility, petting zoo, bounce house, Build-a-Bear Kids receive age-appropriate entertainment and supervision
Around 8 years old Trampoline park, skating rink, YMCA or community center Kids can safely try new activities
Around 10 years old Laser tag, rock climbing, mini-golf, painting or pottery class Kids are active, being creative, and building confidence


Birthday parties for the mid-age kids

As your child gets older, birthday parties can feel like an every-weekend gig. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to make your own kid’s party as special as possible. As you’re figuring out how to celebrate, it may seem like you’ve been to every type of birthday party out there. But that’s okay. Just because your child’s friends have had parties at the same places you’re considering, you can find ways to ensure they have just as much fun at yours.

8-year-old birthday party places

Look for a trampoline park like Sky Zone. Kids this age can’t get enough of jumping high in the sky. Add some delicious cake and easy-to-make goody bags at the end of the party, and you’ve struck gold in the eyes of a child. Depending on the time of year, head to an ice skating or rollerblading rink. For kids who haven’t learned to skate yet, there are usually training walkers available to help. And why not try out your local YMCA or community center? Birthday party guests can often use the pool and gym areas. Find new ways to utilize the space by building an obstacle course.

Find your family's next great sitter. Post a job. CTAFind your family's next great sitter. Post a job. CTA

Birthday parties for the pros

By the time your child hits double digits, you’ve been to all types of birthday parties. Now it’s time to pick your child’s favorite and start planning for this milestone birthday. Think about which activities your kid enjoys most right now and turn one of them into a dream party.   

10-year-old birthday party places

It may feel like you’ve done every kind of party by now, but you may be surprised once you start brainstorming. As kids get older, more niche ideas for kids parties arise. Good places for birthday parties for 10-year-olds include laser tag, rock climbing or mini-golf. Helping those party guests reach a goal—like a hole in one—makes kids feel accomplished. More artistic kids may enjoy a painting or pottery class. And getting to take home their own masterpiece is the best party favor you can ask for.

Planning the perfect party

Most places meant for birthday celebrations have party packages and a private party room especially designed for hyped-up children. And most of them stick to a one- or two-hour party timeframe, keeping kids from experiencing boredom. Be sure to get all of the information upfront so you know what’s included. Do you need to bring paper products? Is all the food part of the package? Will goody bags be provided?

Having the answers before you head to the party will help you stay organized and actually enjoy yourself. No matter where you have your child’s party, there will be smiles all around, simply because you were prepared for the celebration.

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