No matter where you live, finding a good babysitter isn’t always easy. Sprinkle in the unique challenges of living in NYC and it doesn’t necessarily get easier. Putting it simply, finding babysitter in NYC can be as hard as getting into that pre-K program. From transportation, to a competitive market, to hectic schedules—there’s a lot to balance.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a babysitter in NYC:

  • Location, location, location | Every New Yorker knows a mile is more than a mile. It’s crucially important to understand where your sitter will be coming from. Especially, if you are reliant on them for more than just a one-off occasion.

  • Transportation, transportation, transportation | What type of transportation are you comfortable with them using while your child is in their care? Can they get on the bus or subway? How about taxis or rideshare apps? Make sure you set clear lines for what you are comfortable with. 
  • Talking pay | It’s an expensive city. While friends outside of the city may pay their sitters close to the minimum wage, NYC sitters get paid more. To ensure you are getting quality care, be prepared to offer competitive compensation. Here’s a breakdown of how NYC stacks up to other cities in terms of going hourly rates.

  • Build a team | Most sitters have other jobs or are students. In an entertainment hub like New York, chances are high that your sitter is an artist. Artists are drawn to the flexibility and the creativity that is baked into being a sitter. It’s also likely that their schedules and availability will change. Be sure to have a solid line-up of go-to sitters that you can call on.

  • Flexibility | Last minute opportunities come up all the time. Make sure you understand how flexible a sitter is to frequently changing schedules and last minute requests

Finding good sitters takes time, but it’s time well spent. The more you are able to partner with your new-found caregiver on how to best care for your kids, the more freedom you will find in your delightful kid-free time.

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