The first few days with a new nanny can help lay the groundwork for a healthy work environment and make your nanny feel at ease in your home. During this time, she should become acquainted with your household and family environment including schedules, family routines, and more. Spending some extra time with your new nanny will help with the transition and pay great dividends down the road.

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Here are 14 ideas for your nanny’s first days.

1] Make sure you are set up to pay your nanny legally, withhold and pay the proper taxes, and have any required workers’ compensation insurance in place.

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2] Introduce your nanny to all the members in your household.

3] Introduce your nanny to your neighbors.

4] Take your nanny on a tour of your community and point out the places your nanny may need to take your children while on the job.

5] If your nanny will be picking up or dropping off your children at school, sports practices, or music lessons, notify the appropriate people that your nanny is authorized to transport your children.

6] Make sure your nanny’s name is listed as an authorized person to pick up your children from school.

7] If your nanny will be using your car, spend some time reviewing the vehicle and let them drive some frequent routes.

8] Practice placing your child in their car seat and ensure they are restrained properly.

9] Review all household policies and procedures in the employee handbook, contract, and/or, work agreement.

10] Discuss household rules on visitors as well as personal phone, television, and Internet use.

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11] Go over all safety procedures, first aid kits, alarms systems, and emergency contact information.

12] If your nanny is expected to cook meals, clean, do laundry or other tasks, show them how to operate your appliances.

13] When your nanny is on her own, check in with a quick phone call to see how things are going.

14] Ask your nanny to start a daily log. Review the log with your nanny at the end of each workday.

At the end of your nanny’s first week, take some time to discuss how it went. This will help clear up any issues early on and reduce future problems.

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