As we take a look back on last year, there were certainly many negatives. But when it came to Halloween 2020, neighbors conjured up their most creative ideas to make the spooky holiday memorable for families. By October 31 communities everywhere were making headlines with unique ways to distribute candy and commemorate a (different looking) Halloween. Some of the ideas were so good that we think they should stay around for another year (and beyond).

1. The Candy Chute

Likely the most innovative way to celebrate a socially distanced Halloween, the Candy Chute lifted the spirits of all the little ghosts and goblins. PVC piping became a hot commodity as people spent the weeks leading up to trick or treating decking out their chutes. And when the night finally arrived, no one was disappointed. What kid doesn’t love a slide—especially one that’s rapidly firing candy bars their way?

This year, try taking your candy chute to a new level by adding some twists and turns.

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2. The Masked Pumpkin

We certainly didn’t think the mask would still be rockin’ out this Halloween, but low and behold they’re still a part of our daily lives. Last year, pumpkin decorating took a new turn as 2020 staples made their fashion debut. Pumpkins were no longer just meant to be carved but accessorized with masks and toilet paper.

This year, have your kids draw a picture of their favorite mask on their pumpkin. Use paint or markers to go all out and be sure to snap pictures and compare them to last year’s.

3. The Trick or Treat Parade

In 2020 it was cool to have birthday parades in lieu of parties. Family, friends, and neighbors would drive by and honk their horns while dropping gifts and well wishes. That trend was adopted for Halloween in many neighborhoods as kids stood in their yards while drivers threw candy at them. The adults got to check out all the cute costumes and the kids excitedly filled their bellies with sweet treats.

This year, set up a Trick or Treat Parade in your neighborhood leading up to Halloween. But this time have your kids make signs and decorate the yard so drivers feel some love as well.

4. The Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat wasn’t a new tradition last year, but the way candy was given out was. Rather than having all of those tiny hands swirling around the candy bowl in the trunk of your car so they could find the perfect treat, adults took the reigns and dropped candy in each superhero and princess’ bag. Not only did this make things way more sanitary, but it also sped up the amount of time spent shivering outside while waiting for curious children to come your way.

This year, try skipping the candy and give each trick or treater a novelty item like a small bottle of bubbles or a mini pack of crayons.

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5. The Candy Buffet

Last year when kids walked up to porches and driveways lined with card tables full of candy, their eyes widened. Trays filled with delicious treats made it feel like you were in the middle of an all-you-can-eat buffet of candy. Can it get any better? And what a perfect way to offer a wide variety of options while avoiding those sticky hands digging through your candy bucket.

This year, go all out and grab treats that appeal to all pallets. Have a tray of chocolate bars, one with hard candy, and maybe even throw in some small packs of goldfish snacks.


While we wish away most of what’s come from this pandemic, let’s take a moment to savor the fun, unique ideas that have come from it. If anything, Americans proved that Halloween can still be celebrated, even if it looked a little different. Pick your favorite trend and make Halloween 2021 even more memorable than 2020.

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