Do you miss Halloween with adults? I do.
Halloween is a blast for people of all ages and life stages. It’s a time that allows us all to tap into our inner-child and come together to play. For Halloween-loving parents, what is cuter than a baby in a precious animal costume? What is more fulfilling than perfectly executing a family-themed costume? Spoiler: Not much.

If you are a parent who loves Halloween, chances are high you were a person who loved Halloween before kids as well.

Everyone knows that everything changes when you become a parent. Halloween is one of those things. Before parenthood, Halloween is an “adult” holiday. There was no trick-or-treating or school assemblies. No following others around watching from the sidelines while they have the time of their lives with their friends. We invested time in our costumes, not just putting on the same cat ears we’ve worn every year. We got together with our friends and laughed at the funniest (and punniest!) costumes and marveled at the most clever and well constructed.

This Halloween, I’m going to have it all.
So often in life, we’re told we can’t have everything we want. But this year, I’m going to try. I’m reaching to experience the joy of the holiday through my kid’s eyes AND my own! I’m going to reclaim some of my own non-parent identity this Halloween.

As I settle into my parenting years I’ve realized that a little compartmentalization is helpful. Yes, I’m a mom and that hat doesn’t come off. But the hat is resting on a fully formed human that didn’t just appear when the hat did. I need to be better at finding ways to show up for that person as well as the little ones that call me mom. 

Here’s how I’ll tackle it in my mission to take back Halloween:

They can have Halloween day
Trick or treating is a lot of fun. School-related Halloween activities are adorable. I’m going to take treat Halloween like a true holiday. Stepping away from work and completely immersing myself in the kid spirit on Halloween day. 

Halloween weekend is mine
I’m going to find (or throw) a Halloween party just for adults. No exceptions. I’m going to get a sitter and my husband and I are going to step out of our kid-centered lives for a few hours to be kids ourselves. 

The costume
I’m going to dress up in a costume that makes me truly happy and one that only adults will fully understand.  

And frankly, I think it will help me be a better parent. For the semi-obvious date night reasons, but there’s more to it. As I get older, I find it harder and harder to tap into my imagination. The demands of working and parenting have pushed those skills further down the priority list, but I don’t want to lose it altogether. 

Halloween is an annual free pass for adults to join in on the dress-up and make-believe fun. 

This year, I’m going to get the best of both worlds. After I’ve played the role of trick-or-treat chaperone, I’m calling the sitter and joining in on the fun. For me.

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