As a parent, you deserve options. Sittercity Adventures is a new way to think about how you can find child care. Here’s how it works.

What Are Adventures?

Adventures are one-of-a-kind experiences that sitters create especially for kids. Just as a babysitter comes to your house to care for your child, Adventures take place at your home. The “adventure” is the fun and engaging activities the sitter leads—inspired by their own passions and interests. Sitters are leaning into their creative expertise to give you (and your kids) options for what types of activities they can do together.

While each Adventure is as unique as the sitter creating it, there are also different categories of Adventures that you can choose from. They are:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Food
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Performing Arts
  • STEM
  • Education
  • Outdoors
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How Adventures Can Help Your Family

Get More For Your Kids With Less Work

Sitters post the Adventures, and you browse.

  • Learning Through Play
    Each Adventure is packed with enrichment. They help to develop your child’s critical thinking, creative innovation, confidence, and more.
  • Dedicated Developmental Support
    No two kids are alike. Sitters can customize the Adventure to fit exactly what your child needs—from practicing certain skills to trying new things.
  • Flexibility To Thrive At Home
    Expanding your child’s interests and experiences can get to be a logistical nightmare. Now you can do this without having to carpool somewhere.

Test New Interests Without Long-Term Investment

Sometimes it’s tough to make the financial and time commitment to a 6-week camp for something your child wants to try. By booking a sitter for an Adventure, not only do you get the child care that you need, but you can also test run your child’s new interests before you commit to something much bigger.

Find A Better Match

When looking for child care, you’re already trying to find that perfect match—someone who will be a good fit for your kid. Because sitters create Adventures based on their own interests and passions, it makes it a lot easier to find someone who already has something in common with your child.

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How To Book Adventures


Use the search filters to browse Adventures that local sitters have posted. You’ll be able to see details like:

  • Rate
  • Availability
  • A brief description of what will happen on the Adventure
  • What the sitter will bring
  • What you’re expected to provide


When you find an Adventure you like, send that sitter a message to get the conversation started. You can ask questions and schedule a time to interview each other.


When you’ve decided that this is the Adventure and sitter for your child, you and the sitter can confirm the details. It’s possible that you may need a sitter for longer than the Adventure lasts. That’s ok! Just make sure you and the sitter are clear about the total time of care.


Ready to get the most out of your child care? Start browsing the Adventures available in your area and bring some magic into your child’s day!

Foster your child's interests!

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