Do you dread the after-school activities carpool chaos? Is helping your kids with homework the last thing you want to do after work? Then an after-school nanny may be a great solution for you and your family.

What’s An After-School Nanny?

Most schools end their day between the hours of 2-3:30 pm and most parents are not done with their workday until 4-7 pm. Working an average of 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday, an after-school nanny is someone that can handle different tasks to fill the logistical gap between the end of the school day and the end of your work day.

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What Do After-School Nannies Do?

The roles and responsibilities of an after-school nanny can vary widely, so you’ll need to determine your exact needs. Here’s a list of some of the things you could ask an after-school nanny to do:

  • Maintain daily schedule for children and implement routines.
  • Transport children, including school pick-up and drop-off, scheduled activities, and play dates.
  • Help with homework, other school assignments, and provide tutoring as needed.
  • Supervise free play and facilitate structured activities.
  • Prepare after-school snacks or dinner for children according to their specific needs.
  • Handle and facilitate household tasks like completing errands, doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning up, and tidying with assistance from children.
  • Provide an environment that enables children to learn and play and continually be engaged throughout the afternoon/evening.
  • Oversee the bedtime routine which could include bathing, brushing teeth, prepping clothes for the next day, and story-time.

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An after-school nanny can not only lighten parents’ loads but also ease your mind. The workday can sometimes become hectic and things can happen. An after-school nanny can support families with flexibility, effective communication, problem-solving, patience, and understanding. The ultimate goal is to make the parents’ life easier! Find the after-school nanny your family needs by posting a job on Sittercity.

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