Reference checks are an important step in the process of hiring child care with confidence. Connecting with references gives parents the ability to get a fuller picture of the candidate and understand what they can expect from them.

However, conducting reference checks can be a time-consuming process—having to manage the back & forth of scheduling and to actually conduct the check itself. This is why Sittercity has partnered with Crosschq, the number one reference checking software, to give families a way to seamlessly source feedback from multiple references, without having to schedule a single phone call.

Why Reference Checks Are Important

Hiring someone to care for children is unlike any other job. This person will be in your home on a regular basis and become a part of your family. This makes the steps for hiring a sitter extremely important to families, like you, who will be entrusting their children and home into the hands of someone new.

Similar to the importance of ratings and reviews, reference checks can often animate a candidate’s past experience and qualifications. For example, the bio of a sitter could list that they’re CPR and First Aid certified, while a reference could tell you a story about how the sitter handled an injury their child had at the park. Reference checks offer insight into how a caregiver works with families and can help parents visualize how the relationship will look.

Finding a sitter with a great resume, certifications, and stand-out applications can certainly be important. But before you offer a job, parents should take the steps to hear from past employers to really get a sense of who you are.

Simplify The Process

We’ve partnered with Crosschq to make it easier than ever (for everyone involved) to source references for prospective sitters. Instead of having to schedule and field multiple interviews with references, the digital reference check streamlines the process. All you have to do is request one.

Here’s How:

  1. Identify your top choice of sitter(s).
  2. Submit a formal digital reference request by sharing the profile link here.
    Some sitters will have already completed the digital reference and information will be shared immediately. Others will be sent requests to start the digital reference check process, which takes 3-4 days on average.
  3. A completed reference check will be emailed directly to you for review. Information will be consolidated into an easy-to-read document with feedback from multiple references.

Ultimately, this is a crucial step to hiring a new sitter or nanny that can get overlooked because of the hassle of manually sourcing references. With Sittercity and Crosschq, parents can find peace of mind in their search in one simple step. You can get started here.

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