Sittercity has reached a huge milestone: 5 million sitters! To celebrate the millions of happy connections that families and sitters have made on our site, we wanted to hear your stories. Here are just a few of the amazing ones you sent us.

Kara G.
Home state: Ohio
Member since: 2008
“I have made so many wonderful connections on Sittercity,” Kara says. “I first used Sittercity when I was college student, and I still use it now that I have my own children and offer in-home daycare. The best connection I have made was with a wonderful mom last year: I started off watching her kindergartener after school, and now I watch her sweet new baby every day. I am so thankful because this connection has become more than a job for both of us — we have truly become great friends!”

Rita J.
Home state: Georgia
Member since: 2004
“My first Sittercity connection was was as a nanny for a six-month-old girl,” Rita tells us. “I stayed with that family for eight wonderful years until they moved out of town — by that time they had three children, not to mention two dogs and a cat! I still chat with the kids every day, and those days were good memories for me and hopefully for them.”

Camille D.
Home state: Pennsylvania
Member since: 2016
“Oh, do I have a success story!” Camille shares. “A mom contacted me in January regarding babysitting for her 6-month-old. We quickly made a connection and have watched her almost every weekend since January. We lovingly refer to her as our ‘weekend baby.’ I say we because my husband and five children all love this girl who is now 15 months old! We love this baby like one of our own and are so grateful that Sittercity connected us with this family!”

Laura N.
Home state: California
Member since: 2015
Laura tells us her favorite connection was with a family with two boys, ages 2 and 5. “They helped me make nutritious snacks, we practiced writing their names, drew pictures for Mommy, learned how to catch and walked their dog,” she says. “They said I was the ‘best nanny in the whole world’ — those two little boys kept me happy!”

Megan H.
Home state: Illinois
Member since: 2016
“Because of Sittercity, I am now nannying for a family with two sweet and adorable girls who are truly the light of my life,” Megan says. “From picking the girls up from school and having them run into my arms with smiles on their faces yelling my name, to birthday and holidays, story time or having my mom boss send me a video of one of the girls singing a song she wrote about me, every day is a happy day.”

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