In 2001, Sittercity created the first national technology platform for finding child care. We’ve come a long way since then: connecting millions of families and sitters, introducing the first employee benefit program and more-recently, launching an acclaimed on-demand app.

Today marks an exciting milestone for the company. A new logo and (much-needed!) new look are the visible evidence. But the real story is what this change represents: a promise to reinvent the category we pioneered.

At the heart of our transformation is a combination of the technology used to improve other verticals — think mobile, social, on-demand — with our scale, data and trust & safety track record in child care.

We all know how hard it is to find a new sitter that has the right experience and really connects with our children (a struggle I feel all too well, as a working mother of two!). But the difficulty doesn’t stop there. Even when we’re working with our regular “go-tos,” it still takes a juggling act of texts, calendars, allergy instructions and ATM runs to get things organized. Our customers consistently tell us that all these little hassles add up to a big bummer: parents do less, and sitters work less, than either would ideally like.

The new Sittercity is on a mission to fix this.

I think of our new symbol as shorthand for what our team is building: the first national platform that seamlessly connects families and their favorite sitters, at every step and on any device. That means new features like smarter search. Tools that make it easier to hire with confidence. Booking and paying your favorites at the tap of a button.

By making child care work, I believe Sittercity will transform a reason to say no into greater freedom to say “yes.”


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