Finding a sitter you trust, who’s available when you need them, and a great fit for your family takes some time to find. You need to post a job, wait for responses, sort through applications, chat with your favorites, schedule interviews, and make your final decision. Give yourself at least a few weeks to make sure you’re not rushing through an important decision.

Here’s a calendar of when you should start looking for child care for key events & seasons. While this doesn’t cover every reason you could be in need of child care, it does help you anticipate your needs based on the calendar & seasons.

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Valentine’s Day
Doing something special with your partner next month? Book that date night sitter ASAP.


Spring Break
If you don’t have plans to take a week off of work, your kids will need something to do. Consider filling their time with something productive by booking an Adventure with a sitter.

Summer Camps
You read that right. If you want one of the coveted spots in one of your local camps this summer, book early. Many camps start opening their registration this early.


Summer Break
If you haven’t already gotten your patchwork of camps set up, summer is a great time to set up a nanny share with another family. You get the coverage you need and your kids get a fun summer with other kids.

You may also have a gap of time between the last day of school and the first day of camp. Make sure the kids are doing something fun with a summer sitter.

Summer Wedding Season
It’s a thing. By now you’ve probably received the save-the-dates or the actual invitation to a number of weddings. If you’re kids aren’t on the invite, be sure to find a sitter now—especially if it’s out of town.

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Summer’s only halfway over, but that first day of school is fast approaching. You’re bound to run into plenty of scheduling logistics between sports, extra-curriculars, and that gap between the school bell and the end of your work day. Start looking now…many other parents start their search just after July 4th.


Back-To-School, Part II
If you didn’t start looking in July, start in August. You may not have someone for the first day of school, but start your search now so you can have a successful school year.


Holiday Parties/Planning
Make sure you’ve got a few babysitters on call for when those adult-only holiday gatherings come at you last minute (like they always do) or to allow you to shop without any littles in tow.

Winter Break
Do the days off of school line up with your days off of work? If not, use a sitter to help you fill in the gaps.

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Shifting School Year Logistics
Many families encounter changes to their after-school logistics this time of year. Whether activities end/begin or your work schedule changes.

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