A school year in retrospect: March 2020—panic. August 2020—questions and fears. December 2020—burnout. We’ve had some time off of school during a global pandemic for the holidays, but we have another full semester to go. Let’s reset our perspective for the next 5 months because we know more now.


Here are our resolutions to help us get through (fingers crossed) the end of a pandemic school year:

1. Dedicate time to the teacher/parent partnership.

Teachers are miracle workers in the best of times, but right now they are really doing IT ALL (and then some). No matter how busy we are as parents, we should be making it a priority to check in with our kids’ teachers to make sure everyone is on the same page and so that they never feel like they’re alone in this.

2. Stress less.

What we, as people in charge of little people, accomplished in 2020 is nothing short of a feat. We need to cut ourselves a break and keep it simple for the rest of the school year. Just say no to anything that doesn’t meet a basic need.

3. Get outside more.

We’re cooped up inside with our families—sitting in the same chairs, in the same rooms, day after day. Getting outside on a regular basis can help break the feeling of Groundhog’s Day of work and school at home. Start a morning, lunch, or post-school/work walking routine. Whether you take some time for yourself or make it a family activity. Just change up the scenery and get some fresh air!

4. Not trying to do it all.

There are a lot of different types of child care options out there. The key is to think about what exactly you need, decide what you’re comfortable with, and find the type of help that’s the right fit. Whether it’s a nanny, a schooling pod, or finding someone to help with homework, lean on the village and ask for help.

5. Celebrate the little wins.

Forget Honor Roll—making it a week with all remote assignments submitted without having to ask twice deserves celebration. These kids are managing a lot of change too. We need to acknowledge that more and give them props for rolling with some pretty significant punches.

We’re still in the long haul of keeping life going while we battle this pandemic. The promise of a vaccine is on the horizon, but there’s still a lot of life between now and “returning to normal.” Make some commitments to care for yourself and your family for the remainder of this unparalleled school year.

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