Becoming a parent is an exciting journey filled with joy, love, and countless new experiences. But it also comes with its fair share of challenges and uncertainties. To help navigate the complex world of parenting, many experts recommend taking parenting classes online or in person. These classes offer valuable insights, skills, and strategies to empower parents and promote healthy child development.

When To Consider Parenting Classes

Deciding to take a parenting class can be a big leap. It’s not always easy to admit that you might not have all the answers, and could use a few pointers from the experts.

But rest assured: attending a parenting class doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact, it makes you an even better parent, by recognizing that there’s a whole village of resources available that can help you become a stronger support system for your children. Here are just a few reasons to consider taking a parenting class.

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Preparing For Parenthood

No one’s born with all the skills they need to become a parent for the first time! Parenting classes can be particularly beneficial for soon-to-be parents, as they provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and the early years of child-rearing. New parent classes cover topics like infant care, breastfeeding, child safety, and postpartum support.

Transitioning To Parenthood

Whether you just became a new parent or are welcoming new children to your home via the foster care system or a new relationship, a parent class can help ease the transition into your new role. These classes provide practical knowledge and guidance on essential parenting skills, including feeding, soothing techniques, sleep training, and creating a nurturing environment.

Addressing Specific Challenges

Parenting classes are valuable for parents facing specific concerns. Whether it’s managing a child’s behavior, dealing with sibling rivalry, or navigating a divorce or separation, specialized parenting classes can equip parents with effective strategies to overcome these difficulties.

Building Strong Parent-Child Relationships

Parenting classes focus on meeting children’s basic needs and building strong emotional connections with them. By learning about child development, communication techniques, and positive discipline strategies, parents can enhance their bond with their children and create a nurturing and supportive environment.

What Skills & Benefits Can You Gain By Taking A Parenting Class?

Knowledge and Confidence

Parenting classes provide evidence-based information and best practices, empowering parents with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. As parents gain confidence in their abilities, they can approach parenting challenges with a sense of assurance.

Support and Community

Attending parenting classes creates an opportunity to connect with other parents who are going through similar experiences. Sharing stories, exchanging advice, and forming friendships with other parents can provide valuable emotional support and create a sense of community, fostering a positive parenting journey.

Up-To-Date Information

Parenting techniques and research evolve over time. Parenting classes offer access to the latest information and trends, ensuring that parents are equipped with up-to-date knowledge to support their child’s development.

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Where To Find Parenting Classes

Finding the right parenting class is all about exploring your own needs and goals. What do you hope to accomplish by taking a class? Is it connecting with other parents like you? Then perhaps an in-person support group might be the best fit. Are you looking for expert guidance on a specific parenting challenge? Then maybe an online class will fit your needs.
Here are a few resources available to parents across the country, courtesy of Sittercity partners, BabySparks and NAPS.


BabySparks offers expert-led, virtual classes in 3 formats: on-demand (prerecorded), live group classes, and private coaching. From first-time parent classes to addressing specific challenges, their nearly 200 top experts and catalog of 600 classes provide parents with practical tools, insights, and strategies to enhance their child’s development and well-being.

Some of their most popular topics and classes include:

  • Sleep: infant, toddler, night terrors
  • Potty Training: preparation, nighttime
  • Emotions & Behavior: tantrums, discipline
  • Feeding & Nutrition: breastfeeding, starting solids, picky eating
  • Development: red flags, milestones
  • Developmental Differences: autism, ADHD
  • Working Parents: transitioning back to work

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Newborn and Parenting Support (NAPS) is an organization dedicated to supporting parents through evidence-based parenting programs. Led by Registered Nurses, NAPS offers judgment-free online parenting classes that focus on building positive parent-child relationships, effective discipline techniques, and understanding child behavior. Their most popular classes include:

  • Pre Baby Bootcamp
  • How To Get Your Newborn to Sleep Longer Stretches at Night
  • 1 Year Transitions
  • Sleep for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Invest In Your Future

Parenting classes are valuable for parents seeking guidance, support, and practical skills to better navigate the joys and challenges of raising children. Whether you’re expecting, just became a first-time parent, are blending families, or are facing specific parenting challenges, these classes offer a wealth of knowledge and strategies to promote positive child development and strengthen the parent-child bond.

By enrolling in parenting classes through platforms like BabySparks and NAPS, parents can embark on a transformative journey toward becoming confident, informed, and empowered caregivers. Remember, investing in your parenting skills is an investment in your child’s future.

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