Back-to-school season is here. Whether you’re still preparing to head back or already settling into the first days back, it’s a hectic time. Transition is always hard. Settings, schedules, and often times activities are changing. Because of those changes, it’s an important time for everyone in the family to get a safety refresh.

Take time to check-in and make sure everyone in the house is on the same page when it comes to safety.

Here’s a quick checklist to run through as you start the new school year. 

  • Download a First Aid App – Having step-by-step instructions to everyday first aid situations at your fingertips is an easy way to be prepared on-the-go. There are a few you can choose from. Find the one you like best and make sure it’s on every smartphone in the family.
  • Review/Make an Emergency Readiness Plan – Do you have an emergency plan for your family? Where do you meet if there’s an emergency? How will you get in contact if cell towers aren’t working? How is that different if something happens while the kids are at school vs. with the sitter after school? Here are some resources to help build a plan specific to your needs. Once you have it, review it together as a family.
  • Know Phone Numbers – Do your school-aged kids know your phone by heart? They should. By about 6 years old, most kids are able to remember 7 consecutive numbers. Here are some tips to help them memorize your phone number so they know how to reach you when they need to.
  • Set a Clear Routine – When kids have a clear routine, it’s easier for them to notice when there’s something wrong. In the first couple of weeks of school, talk through all of the expectations of the day – who is picking them up and when, what paths you’ll be taking, what their schedule at school might look like (any field trips or special activities). When you do this, you’re setting a mark for them. A pattern will start to form and it will be easier for them to follow, not to mention spot potentially dangerous situations.
  • Talk About the Possibilities – Time and time again, it’s proven that being prepared is the best defense. Empower your kids to understand what they can do to stay safe. Monster Guard is an app designed to help illustrate the “what-ifs” for 1st-6th graders in a way they can understand.

We all know safety is important. We also know that it can sometimes take a back seat. This is your friendly reminder to re-prioritize your safety conversations. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel knowing you have your safety ducks in a row.

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