So you’ve decided that you want to hire a nanny to work in your home. Step one is to create an account and upload a job listing. You want the absolute best professional for your kiddo but also want to get your money’s worth, right? It can be tempting to find someone who will accept the lower end of your budget but the compensation you offer could stall your search before it has even begun.

Here are a few reasons it pays to offer a competitive wage in your job posting.

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1. Attract a Career Professional

A nanny who has made in-home child care their career is looking to earn what they’re worth. Compensation is typically the first detail considered in a job search. Posting a great position in the perfect location with a great family means nothing if your post is filtered out of a search for offering lower wages. Factors like age, experience, and education are directly correlated to wages, so if you want a knowledgeable and experienced nanny, look to pay competitively.

2. Show You’re Serious

More and more families are considering hiring a nanny and not everyone has done their homework. Nannies on the job hunt are looking for families who understand and respect the role of a nanny. Paying a competitive wage is a great sign that a family will treat the nanny like a professional, and is already knowledgeable about their role as an employer. Families offering low pay aren’t taken seriously by most nannies.

3. Establish a Standard of Care For Your Family

Compensation is directly correlated to effort in the private child care industry. Lower wages may get your basic needs met, but competitive wages open up new possibilities. If you want a nanny who is active, does crafts, takes the time to teach, and can easily assimilate into your household, you want to offer adequate compensation. There are caregivers who will accept lower-paying jobs in exchange for lower effort, but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

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4. Ensure a Long-Term Commitment

The best way to keep a nanny is to pay them well. A nanny who doesn’t need to supplement their income is not only more dependable but also more likely to stay in a position and grow with your family. This nanny is invested in the big picture as well as the details. Instead of being back on the job boards planning their next move, this nanny is dedicating time to supporting your family as a whole, adjusting to your evolving needs, and consistently showing up to fulfill their role.

5. Elevate the Profession for Society At Large

The logic here is simple: more nannies being paid a living wage means fewer nannies leaving the industry. One of the biggest reasons nannies pivot into the corporate world is finances and earning potential. If we can keep nannies working in the profession, those nannies can mentor newer nannies and help establish a higher quality standard of in-home child care. More families can benefit from these experienced nannies and the industry can thrive as it serves families like yours for years to come.

Offering a competitive wage in your job posting is fundamental to attracting viable candidates to work with your family. This will set you up for success in the selection process and could save you from going back to the drawing board sooner than you had hoped. The search for a nanny can be daunting, but finding the right fit makes the journey worth it.

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