Dear Parents,


What a brave and enduring position you have embraced becoming a parent. To have the courage and make the commitment to bringing new life into modern society and raising human beings through adulthood is no minor thing. You are so brave.

This act has no doubt changed your entire world, while society expects you to keep on chugging. And somehow, you manage to do so consistently, as if parenthood is all you’ve ever known. Late nights, early mornings, extra chores, new social obligations are all thrown at you along with the task of keeping someone safe, healthy, and adequately stimulated. You are so strong.

Of course, handling this all has changed some things about you. Your perspective, your goals, your values, your village, and maybe even your body have been forever altered. Your priorities have shifted and your capacity has been tested. You are still evolving.

Your hardest task in all this is likely entrusting the care of these tiny humans to caregivers, whether on a full or part-time basis. Relinquishing a tiny bit of control in some cases for the sake of balance and in so many cases because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to keep this juggling act going. You are so mature.

We want to remind you that you are incredibly capable and you are not alone.

Not only does your parenthood create work opportunities that turn into careers for many of us caregivers, but you are nurturing the next generation of leaders, teachers, parents, and friends. We consider it our heart’s passion and distinct honor to support families by standing in the gap for parents like you.

You are amazing.


Amber is a career nanny based in Atlanta, Georgia who is passionate about cultivating meaningful relationships between families and the nannies that serve them while sharing her experiences from the nanny perspective.

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