Parents aren’t strangers to days that school is closed to their kids—especially after surviving 2020 and 2021… However, it’s still a challenge to figure out how to care for them when the typical education schedule is interrupted. Here are some tips for how to handle school closures.

1. Find the School Calendar

There are always a handful of days in the year that are already planned for the school to be closed due to some holidays, breaks, and teacher in-service days. Districts will always publish their full school year calendar on their website, or make it available in an administrative office. Copy these days into your personal or family calendar and be sure to schedule automated reminders a couple of weeks in advance.

2. Plan a Family Day

Have PTO days you never get around to using? Take advantage of the kids being out of school and take a day off so you can do something fun together as a family. No errands, no chores, just fun activities that create memories everyone will treasure for years. Check out a museum, go for a hike, do the thing you’ve “been meaning to do” for a while. Plan the day together so everyone is equally excited.

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3. Book An Adventure

Sittercity has introduced a brand new way to think about child care with Adventures. Experienced caregivers have thoughtfully crafted enriching experiences for kids—all you have to do is pick one out. Browse categories like STEM, Food, Sports & Exercise, Outdoors, Performing Arts, and more! Even though your kids aren’t in school, they’re still getting a learning experience disguised as fun!

4. Have a Child Care Team Ready

There are many reasons to have a child care team at-the-ready for whatever life brings. School closures are definitely one of them. When you’ve got a handful of caregivers your family has already worked with on speed dial, it’s much easier to schedule planned and last-minute kid coverage.

5. Pair Up With Other Families

It really does take a village. Reach out to other families in your child’s classes to trade off on hosting playdates during school closures or to set up a learning pod. This can be a great way to build important relationships in your community and for your kids to develop friendships with their classmates.

Text saying, Text saying,

School is an essential part of child care for busy families, but it’s not always in session when we need it to be. Don’t get stuck without coverage for when schools close, post a job to add more sitters to your child care team and/or browse Adventures on Sittercity today.

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