Hiring a nanny or sitter is all about finding the person who’s the right fit for your family. One way to do that is to share what you need with the Sittercity community in a job post. But what should you write to make your job appealing to sitters? Here’s what Jada Rashawn, experienced nanny and family consultant, thinks are the 3 most important things.

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1. Up the Excitement

Your job title is the first thing nannies and sitters will see. Set a good first impression that you’re excited to find the right child care for your family.

2. Include Details

Take the time to include as many details as you can—it’ll be worth it. You’ll be able to find who you’re looking for a lot easier if you include rich information.

3. Honest Expectations

Set things up for success right from the beginning. When you’re clear and up-front about what kind of help you need, the right help will be more able to find you.


Bottom Line:
The key to a great job description is realizing the value of the job itself. Think about the type of sitter or nanny you have in mind and write your job description with that person in mind.

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