Is there a subject that your kid always seems to struggle with? Is there a subject you struggle helping your kid with? As a parent, you’re typically asked to be everything to your kids. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Bringing in a tutor for a specific subject (or that new kind of math) can help both you and your child feel more confident about their education.

Deciding to hire a tutor might be the easy part. What takes some thought and consideration is finding the right one for your family. No two families (or kids) are alike, but we’ve put together tutor interview questions you could consider asking during the hiring process.

Blue banner with text saying "When working from home clashes with homework" and showing a babysitter helping a child with homework.Questions You Can Ask a Potential Tutor

Subjective Questions

Why do you want to be a tutor?
What do you like about working with kids?


What kind of academic training do you have?
Tell me about any tutoring experience you have? How many students have you worked with, what ages and for how many years?
What kind of improvement have you seen in past students?
Do you have experience working with different learning styles?


How would you describe the style of your tutoring?
My child needs help with “X”. How do you think you can help? What specifically will you do?
What kinds of materials will you bring with you?
How do you measure progress or address obstacles?


What’s your availability?
Do you have your own transportation?
How long a commitment can you make?
Are you willing to undergo a background test?
Do you have any questions for me?

COVID-19-Specific Questions You Can Ask a Potential Tutor

Below we’ve outlined some topics specific to the COVID-19 crisis to address when interviewing a tutor. Each topic has a list of sample interview questions. We suggest using this interview checklist as a starting point and adjusting it to fit your family’s needs.

Green banner with text saying "When your peace of mind is their new best friend" and showing a smiling child care provider & child.Hygiene Practices

By now, everyone most likely has their hygiene practices updated.

What have you updated your personal hygiene practices to include?
How would you address basic hygiene with the kids?
How would you handle food preparation?
How would you approach disinfecting surfaces while working?

Social Distancing Practices

How are they helping to flatten the curve?

Do you use masks and gloves when going outside of your home? How?
How often do you leave your home and what for?
Do you live with anyone? Are they considered an essential worker?
Are there people other than who you live with that you still interact with?
What are the social distancing practices of the people you live with?

Working Environment

This is the time to share everything about the activity in your home and ask if they’re working conditions they are comfortable with.

Who all will be home when the tutor is with the kids.
What everyone will be doing at home when the tutor is around (working, studying, etc.)
How many and what type of rooms/areas will the tutor have to be with the kids.
How crucial it is for those at home to not be distracted by the kids.
What kind of specific help you need (eLearning/homework, specific subject, etc.)

After the Interview

Ready to make it official with a tutor?

We’re doing our part to help you confidently find the child care help your family needs on Sittercity. We encourage you to spend some time in our Trust & Safety Center (for both families and sitters).

If you’re ready to move forward with a candidate, look over the background checks you could run for some extra peace of mind and consider writing up a child care contract. Caring for your child is an important job—make the choices that are best for your family.

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