When choosing a name for your baby, you have so many options from ones based on heritage or family names to unique names no one else is using. In the last several years, gender-neutral names, in particular, have been on the rise. More and more expectant parents are pondering unique unisex names as a serious option for their children.

It’s a great way to keep all options on the table if you are avoiding a gender reveal but would like to be settled on a name. Or it can be reflective of a parents’ desire to not follow traditional naming norms. That can even mean choosing a more traditionally masculine or traditionally feminine name for their opposite-sex child.

Other parents choose gender-neutral names because they’re aware of the more nuanced discussions around gender that are becoming more prevalent. A unisex baby name allows for the possibility that their baby may yet discover their gender. And that gender is a spectrum including men, women, nonbinary people, and everyone in between.

While this is more common among millennial parents, an androgynous baby name isn’t new (think men named Kelly or Stacey or someone like actress Blake Lively). And it’s not the only naming trend. Some people focus on using last names, Hawaiian names, or names based on locations or other natural features.

If you want to have some gender-neutral options on the table, check out our gender-neutral names list.

Popular & Common Unisex Baby Names

Aiden: a Gaelic name that means “fire”
Addison: a British name that means son of Adam, recently more popular due to Dr. Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice
Adrienne: a French name referring to a resident of Hadria
Aubrey: A British name meaning “elf” or “woodland creature”
Bailey: an Old English name that refers to berry clearings
Brooklyn: currently the 143rd most popular name, like other unisex names it refers to a location
Cameron: a Scottish name that refers to a highland clan
Charlie: An English name meaning “free man”
Drew: A Welsh name meaning “wise”
Dylan: an Irish name meaning “son or daughter of the sea”
Ellis: a Welsh name that means “wise”
Harley: a British name meaning “long field”
Harper: an English name meaning “harpist”
Jamie: this diminutive of James is frequently used as an androgynous name
Jordan: a Hebrew name meaning “to flow down”
Jules: a Latin name meaning “youthful” or “downy and soft”
Kai: a Hawaiian name meaning “sea”
Kyrie: a Greek name meaning “lord”
Logan: a name meaning “dweller in a little hollow”
Max: this name has multiple origins (German, English, Aboriginal) and means “greatest”
Mo: “savior” in Hebrew
Morgan: this name has Welsh origins and means “bright sea” or “white, light sea dweller”
Peyton: an Irish surname
Piper: a British name for a pipe player
Quinn: a name that means “counsel”
Reese: a Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm,” popularized by Reese Witherspoon
Remi: a French name meaning oarsman, the spelling “Remy” refers to people from the Rheims region
Rhodes: a German name that means “where the roses grow”
Sawyer: a British name referring to woodworkers
Shiloh: a Hebrew name meaning “peace”
Taylor: this name was originally a surname that referred to tailors

Non-Binary Nature Names

Aspen: this name refers to the aspen tree
Autumn: harvest season
Bay: a name that can refer either to a body of water or a berry
Dale: a British name meaning “valley”
Gale: a Hebrew name meaning “father of exultation”
Jay: a Latin name meaning a blue-crested bird, often used as a short name or nickname
Juniper: a name referring to the berry
Linden: this name refers to a deciduous tree. It can also refer to a lime tree.
Lumi: a Finnish name meaning “snow”
Montana: a Latin name for mountains
Ocean: a Greek name for the sea
Phoenix: in Western cultures, this name refers to a bird that resurrects in the flames, and in Eastern cultures, a phoenix is an immortal bird associated with the moon, the five elements, and the Empress
Reed: another plant-based name
River: a flowing body of water
Robin: a name that refers to the red-chested bird
Rowan: a Gaelic name meaning “little red-head”
Sky: a British name
Vesper: a Latin name for the evening star
Zephyr: a Greek name for the west wind
Zeren: a name that refers to the Mongolian gazelle

Rare & Unique Gender Neutral Names

Aarya: a Sanskrit name for “prayer”
Asa: a name with both Hebrew and Japanese origins
Angel: a Latin and Greek name referring to celestial messengers
Ashton: this British name refers to a town surrounded by ash trees
Azure: this name has a Spanish origin and means “blue”
Campbell: a Scottish name for a crooked smile
Cheyenne: this Dakota name comes from the word shahiyena, which means “red speakers”
Dion: a Greek name that refers to the god, Dionysus
Dakota: references the Dakota tribe, the word means “ally” or “friend”
Echo: Greek in origin, a name that means “reverberating sound” and refers to the myth
Farren: an English name that means “adventurous”
Grey: refers to the color
Hadleigh: a British name meaning “heather meadow”
Hero: a Greek name meaning “demi-god”
Indigo: a name referring to a deep, dark blue
Journey: a French name for trip or experience
Justice: a British name for doing righteous things under rule of law
Onyx: an English name for a dark precious gem
Riley: an Irish name meaning “brave”
Rebel: be careful what you ask for choosing this one
Shay: this name means “admirable” or “hawk-like” and has Hebrew origins
Tru: a Germanic name meaning “strength of the spear”
Wynn: a British name that means “friend”
Zen: refers to a Japanese variant of Buddhism

Many of the above names have a variety of spellings that you can use for your baby. So feel free to experiment. It’s, after all, your decision and a big one!

Now that you have narrowed down your list of potential names to some cute nonbinary names and unisex options, you can keep moving with your parenting journey. A great sitter or a nanny is an asset to any parent, new or old, and we’re here to help. Find your next caregiver on Sittercity.

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