School is out for the summer and that means your kids are around a lot more. The good news? The amount of sitters available is about to double with teachers off work for the summer and students heading home in droves. Summer sitters often come with great qualifications and are ready to spend the summer with your kids — whether it’s exploring parks across town, running through sprinklers in the backyard or planning arts and crafts for rainy afternoons. Here are five great types of summer sitters who can ease your child care worries and guarantee an action-packed summer for your kids.

The Preschool Teacher: Come summer many of those teachers who are used to entertaining toddlers all day long will transform into summer sitters. The great part of these sitters is they not only have tolerance for the little ones, they also love teaching them! These are the perfect sitters to help your kids learn and to keep them busy with a plethora of new activities. Most of them loving getting outdoors, reading books and have a knack for handling any behavioral issues that may arrive.

The Intern: Those just entering the business world often opt for an internship, but many times those work experiences aren’t paid. Grab one of these interns who are yearning to make some extra cash but also prove that they are responsible members of society. These sitters want to impress parents with their maturity (perhaps for a letter of recommendation) but are also kids at heart and will have the best time running through sprinklers or taking wagon rides with the little ones.

The Nanny who is off for the summer: Your friend has a great nanny but she just doesn’t need her for the summer. The seasonal nanny often makes an amazing summer babysitter with great experience under their belt. Summer nannies often ramp up quickly as they are used to putting in hours with a single family. Plus, now that the weather is nice they are excited to finally stroll and play outdoors with the little ones.

The College/Graduate Student: School is out for local universities too, which brings many college students and graduate students back home for the summer. These students make great sitters as they’ve often had some babysitting experience while in school (or watching their younger siblings) and many of them are focusing on pursuing careers in early childhood education, teaching or psychology. Plus, they are young and spry enough that they don’t mind playing “Red Light, Green Light” or tag for hours.

The Camp Counselor or Lifeguard: Some of the camp counselors may be away for the whole summer but others just do a few specialty weeks of drama or sports camp. These camp counselors make the perfect sitters as they love kids and are used to dealing with large groups of them. They also often come equipped with CPR and first-aid skills. Expect a packed schedule for your little ones — guaranteeing a good night sleep at the end of the day.

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