Let’s call a spade a spade — most family vacations aren’t vacations at all — they are trips. Not to say that they aren’t the most enjoyable type of trip full of indulgent ice cream sundaes, priceless expressions when your kids first see the ocean, and late-night board game marathons. Pushed to the wayside are the bits of romance and relaxation that used to come along with vacations that left you feeling refreshed upon return. There is a way to add a little indulgence back into your travel: book a destination sitter. Your kids will love having a special vacation sitter and you’ll enjoy a bit of adult time. Here are six of our favorite reasons that will inspire you to add “find sitter” to your vacation to-do list.

A romantic walk on the beach: If you’re at a beach destination there is no doubt you’ll spend plenty of time at the ocean, but we can guarantee any walking you do will be followed by seashell collecting or sand burying. Take some time to reconnect with your spouse, watch the sunset and just breathe in the ocean air.

Spa treatments: A kid in your arms, a heavy bag on one shoulder and there’s no wonder your back is aching. You’re on vacation, so indulge in booking a spa treatment — a massage, perhaps- along with that sitter. You’ll be a better parent when you return all zen.

Exploring a city: After a few days you may know where the zoo is, a kid-friendly restaurant, a clean potty and a place to see a princess or superhero, but you haven’t had the opportunity to explore a city from the adult perspective. Book a sitter (and if you happen to be in DC, Chicago, Boston or New York, Chime has you covered) and explore — see a Broadway show, visit an art museum — while your kids play their way.

Tropical drinks: When’s the last time you were able to relax with a daiquiri in hand poolside? A few hours of soaking up the Vitamin D and you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge your kids can throw your way.

Embrace your inner foodie: Chicken tenders and mac & cheese can be delicious in their own right, but what you’d do to have an adult meal from a restaurant that doesn’t have a kids’ meal? In a city like New York or Chicago, it’s hard to pass up on a chance to eat at a coveted chef’s spot. Go ahead, book that hard-to-get reservation now.

A winery tour: The thought of a winery tour with kids in tow sounds like a nightmare, but there is no reason you can’t get a mini-escape to Napa even if just for a half-day. There are plenty of fun sitter-driven activities they can enjoy while you discover your next favorite wine.

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