When you’re getting to know new caregivers, parents commonly ask for an in-person meeting before making a hiring decision. Interviewing a potential sitter or nanny gives you a better sense of your chemistry as employer and employee, and offers you a chance to follow up on any gaps in background or experience.

But while an interview is a valuable part of the nanny hiring process, it’s not the only step needed to identify your perfect caregiver. Here’s why.

Interviews are biased.

As soon as we meet someone, we start to make assumptions about what they’re like. A quick introduction can often lead to forming stereotypes or snap judgments based on outward appearance, clothing, or demeanor. Making a hiring decision solely on an interview may not be an objective assessment of each nanny’s skills and strengths.

A good interviewer doesn’t equal a good nanny.

Some caregivers have had more interview opportunities than others, and are naturally more confident. Others simply know the right thing to say to make a good first impression. Having all the answers doesn’t mean a nanny is the right fit. Make sure you have a full, objective picture of a caregiver’s personality before you hire.

You might miss a star nanny.

On the flip side, other caregivers are naturally shy, and may downplay their abilities. Or they might get nervous before an interview, and forget some of their answers to questions. But they just might be your family’s next favorite sitter! Don’t miss out on a star just because of a weak interview.

It’s hard to compare interviews.

At their core, interviews are subjective. One candidate might’ve been having a great day, while another might’ve had car troubles or technical difficulties that affected their interview performance. Some sitters have more interview experience than others, and might have more confidence in answering your questions. It’s impossible to take all of those unknown details into consideration when you’re comparing candidates against each other.

So how can you objectively vet caregivers and make sure they’re a good fit? We recommend a personality assessment. Knowing Nanny offers a scientific, validated report that gives you insight into a nanny’s strengths, areas of growth, and work style. Having an objective assessment helps families compare candidates, reduce nanny turnover and cultivate healthier working relationships.

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