Since March, this year has been all about innovation, whether we liked it or not. A global pandemic knocked us on our heels and since then we’ve all been working to “make it work” in countless ways. From remote schooling, to virtual birthday parties, and trick-or-treating candy shoots, parents and caregivers have been innovating to build stability and joy into kid’s lives every day, while we battle this crisis.

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For many families, Christmas is THE kid holiday. It’s the one where all the magic exists. There are many traditions that vary from family to family, but one staple, for those who celebrate the holiday, is a visit with Santa. This year makes the traditional visit to the mall a little more difficult. Health and safety restrictions will likely add up to long, distanced lines or outright cancelations of the famed Santa sitting across the country.

So we’re doing what we can to bring Santa directly to you via a group virtual sitting. Typically, a virtual sitting involves hiring a child care provider to engage children digitally for a short period of time. Well, why not have it be our favorite friends from the North Pole?

Starting Nov. 30th, we’ll be offering free, after-school virtual sitting sessions hosted by Santa and his elves. For more details visit Space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis—so don’t wait to register.

2020 has been a long year, but we’ve been inspired by the magic people continue to create to keep us moving forward, together.

Here’s to a happy holiday season!

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