We’re all tired of sitting on video calls trying to make the conversation interesting. Especially when you’re trying to virtually connect for a holiday, you want to make your family time together memorable. Here are a few ideas to give your call a specific purpose and to make the most of (and actually enjoy) your virtual family Thanksgiving.

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Make it Match

Borrowing this idea from family reunions everywhere: get everyone something that matches. Whether that’s a mug for holiday beverages, an ugly sweater, animal ears, or whatever. When everyone shows up for that call, it will feel like you’re all at the same party—even if you’re in different states.

Say, Cheers!

Dedicate your on-camera time with family to toasts from everyone. Allow each family member the chance to give a toast to the family, to the previous year, or for the one to come. You can include the traditional “what I’m thankful for,” or focus on someone who’s done a lot of great things lately. Whatever you do, it’s a great way to spread the love and cheer from afar.

Cook Together

Is everyone going to be missing grandma’s famous pie? Your uncle’s perfect bread recipe? Turn your virtual time into a cooking show! The star chef will teach everyone how to make the prized Thanksgiving dish and you can just watch or cook right along with them. Fun, knowledge-sharing, and tasty!

Your Family’s Got Talent

Did you learn how to knit during quarantine? Did your niece learn how to play the recorder in school? Showcase everyone’s talent in a virtual talent show with the entire family. Everyone has something they’re good at and what a better time than the holidays to celebrate the beauty of your family.

Take Themed Photos

If the whole extended family can’t be together, you can plan a photo project for each individual family to participate in. Set some kind of theme, like colors, pajamas, costumes, etc. Have each family take their themed photo and put all the family photos together into a completed project to share with everyone.

Send Thoughtful Mail

Pretty straightforward—take an afternoon to have the kids write cards to all of their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, whoever! If you can’t be with family you love this year, take a little time ahead of the holiday to send them fun things to receive in the (not digital) mail.

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