National Nanny Recognition Week is always the third week in September. There are many ways that you can honor your nanny during this special week, but here are some things you can do all year long to show your nanny that you appreciate them.

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Pay Your Nanny Fairly

According to Sittercity data, the national average hourly rate of nannies in 2022 is $20.00 per hour. However, that amount can be different based on where you live and many other factors. Those can include but aren’t limited to: number of children, certifications/training, and additional responsibilities like tutoring or in-home learning. Know what the going rate in your area is, but also consider what the cost of living is and remember that watching your kids is how your nanny earns their living.

Have a Contract

Taking the time to ensure that everyone is on the same page about the details of the job by outlining them in an agreement shows your nanny a lot of respect. By having a nanny agreement, you’re recognizing what is and what isn’t your nanny’s job and gives everyone a reference point for when job responsibilities get blurry.

Provide Actual Benefits

Many adults wouldn’t consider taking a full-time job if it didn’t include health care benefits. Use a helpful resource like GTM Payroll Services to pay your nanny legally and provide them with health and retirement benefits. Additionally, hiring your nanny as an official employee gives them the benefit of having a verifiable income and legal employment history (needed for loans, credit, social security, medicare), receiving unemployment benefits, and being eligible for a healthcare subsidy.

Respect Their Time

Running late now and then happens to all of us. However, don’t make it an unpredictable pattern with your nanny. Outline a schedule in your contract and include what extra/overtime looks like. Talk with your nanny about this detail and make sure you’re both on the same page. If you need flexibility in time, make that a part of the plan by setting a minimum of hours covered and agree on how the additional flexible hours are handled. Ultimately, lots of communication and clear expectations are key.

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Think about this in two ways. There’s the day-to-day check-in—how are you and your nanny staying on the same page about what’s happening with your family each week? How can your nanny give you the highlights/issues that come up each day with your kids? Secondly, think about the bigger picture of your relationship. A regularly scheduled performance review is a great way for you and your spouse to give invaluable feedback on your nanny’s work and it’s a dedicated opportunity for your nanny to discuss bigger issue topics —like the kids’ behavior, developmental milestones, or negotiating their contract.

Express Your Gratitude Regularly

Simple gestures repeated over time can make a huge impact. A meaningful thank-you after each visit. Tipping your nanny extra for a rough day with the kids. Covering the cab fare after a late night. Each small expression of thanks can build up a foundation of gratitude.

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Teach Your Kids

We all know kids are like sponges, so be sure to include them in your efforts to acknowledge your nanny’s work to help them learn to do the same. Set aside time for them to color a picture or make a card to say thank-you to your nanny. To a kid, a nanny can feel like an exclusive best friend. So, teaching them to say thank-you (even to friends) is always a great lesson.

Give Gifts Thoughtfully

If you’re the type of person that loves giving gifts to show you care, there are a few ways to do it thoughtfully. First, get the input of other nannies—plenty of nannies are also entrepreneurs who make products specifically for nannies. This is a great two-for-one: you can support another nanny while also getting something that has special meaning to your nanny.

Second, sometimes the best gift involves the thought of where it comes from, but gives the recipient the autonomy of selecting the exact thing they want. AKA gift cards. It may not seem like the most interesting gift, but you can show your thoughtfulness in where it comes from, like a local coffee shop, clothing/accessories shop, or book/gift shop.

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