We’re not in the practice of predicting the future, because well, it’s impossible. However, many parents are probably in the same anxious boat right now, wondering if this school year will involve just as much remote learning as last year. Tough to say. But to help quell the nerves here’s a friendly reminder of what we’ve all learned. Bookmark this for later, just in case. We’ve got this.

Maintain Sanity In Your Home

Keep Communication Strong

Make sure everyone in your house is clear on when live meetings/classes are happening and what can or can’t be done during those times.

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Blend Your Calendars

Add your child’s schedule to your work calendar so you can clearly see if there’s an important meeting that overlaps with a break time or music class.


Give yourself breaks, and give the kids breaks: play breaks, hobby breaks, movement breaks, time with mom breaks, mental health breaks.

Remember What’s Important

‘Being behind’ is a social construct. If they’re learning, are happy, are curious, are engaged…those are all wonderful things.

Self-care is #1

If you don’t take care of yourself first, then all else will fall behind and not receive your fullest. Having a therapist is helpful in carving out that time.

Keeping Them Engaged

Incorporate Movement Breaks

Excessive screen time can be a barrier to creative thinking. While many of us do a great job of incorporating activities like yoga and stretching, make sure to break up this structured movement with free-dance breaks and creative play every few hours.

Acknowledge Participation and Celebrate Individual Success

A remote environment can be demotivating to kids who just want to be in person with their friends. It’s ok to make adjustments to how you measure “success”– we all need more things to celebrate!

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Speak Positively About Remote School

It’s important to model behavior that will encourage participation in the opportunities provided to us. Kids have a natural tendency to imitate the behavior and perspectives of the adults around them, so speaking positively about the unique qualities of remote schooling (pajama Fridays, anyone?) and approaching each activity with excitement can go a long way.

Save Time for Creativity

Many of us come from wildly artistic backgrounds and understand how a creative perspective can energize a disengaged room, or unstick a mental block. If this sounds like something you have experience with, find moments to share your favorite kinds of artistic expression with your child.

As always, getting support from an extra set of hands can help to keep your kids focused on their work and not force you to wear too many hats at once. Find the help your family needs from a local child care provider who’s ready to work.

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