For Elizabeth Harz, the CEO of caregiver platform Sittercity, the pandemic has practically taken away all her free time. Though she has friends who don’t have kids who are spending their time “learning Mandarin and baking bread like crazy,” she said it’s much different for parents.

“The reality for me personally and I think most parents, you literally get up at the crack of dawn to walk the dog, get breakfast ready, try to take a shower before the day starts,” Harz told FOX Business. “You get your kids ready for school. You’re helping them with their school work. You’re trying to maintain a normal work schedule, which, you know, if you can’t get it done during the day, then you’re back on right after you feed them dinner. The dishes, the laundry, it’s just, it never ends. I mean I’ve never been so happy to go to bed at night.”

“There’s just never any break from that,” she added.

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