When it comes to childcare, there are options out there. You may not have to hire a private caregiver, but if you’re choosing to, you’ve got to pay them fairly. And don’t forget that you’re getting something for that extra cost. Elizabeth Harz, the CEO of Sittercity explains the benefits of hiring a private caregiver versus sending your kids to a daycare or other care option.

“The peace of mind of having someone in your corner to support your child’s individual development, in big ways and in small, is incalculable. It’s knowing that the sitter and your little one will have just as much fun, if not more, as you will on a night out with your friends or partner. Or having a nanny step in to support you during the hazy struggle of sleep training because they know the quirks of your baby as well as you do. Not to mention, 74% of working mothers say they have excelled in their careers as a result of babysitters and nannies. When you invest the time and energy into finding the right people for your family, it’s a game-changer.”

Don’t Expect A Babysitter (Or Nanny) To Work For Pennies

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