One of our favorite things to do at Sittercity is get to know members of the nanny community. It’s incredibly important for the professionals in this industry to connect and support each other—and we love making that happen. We’ve pulled together a list of just some of the amazing pros we’ve met that we think you should know too. Reach out to someone to connect—tell them Sittercity says hi!

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1. Nanny Nikki Music

Nanny Nikki Music

Nikki spreads the joy of music to every child she encounters (and us too!). Throughout her childhood she enjoyed performing in musicals, choirs, and pretty much everywhere she went. And she didn’t stop when she became a professional nanny. She now does high-energy, interactive musical shows that include sing-alongs, dancing, puppets, and more! We love seeing someone blend something they love with how they inspire kids. See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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2. Keewa of Kido Chicago

Keewa from Kido Chicago

Business-owner, mom, and former nanny, Keewa is energized to create an environment where all children, parents, and caregivers can feel seen. She owns Kido Chicago, an award-winning kid’s boutique. Representation and inclusivity are what she and her store are all about. Children of color, kids with disabilities, and non-traditional families are put in focus, in order for everyone to learn and grow. She also regularly hosts events to unite her community around these values and we’ve loved partnering with her this year in support of these events. See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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3 & 4. The Nanny Moms

Courtnee Jones is a former PreK & Montessori Teacher and now a nanny. Carrie Bland is a Certified Professional Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, and graduate of the former English Nanny and Governess School. With 12+ years of child care experience each, they’ve been presenting and sharing what a nanny mom is and how significant their impact is on the child care industry—including at a Sittercity staff on-site! They’ve also been working to build a community of nanny moms through providing resources, a Breakfast Club, Chat Groups, and live events. See their conversation with Sittercity here.

Get in touch: Courtnee Website, Carrie Website, Courtnee Instagram, Carrie Instagram

5. Cynthia Rosemberg

On top of being a career nanny of over 15 years and INA nominated Nanny of the Year, Cynthia is also a CNA postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and lactation educator. Cynthia is extremely passionate about investing in her Rhode Island nanny community – from organizing trainings for iNNTD, to social events for National Nanny Week. Cynthia is a proud Peruvian and advocate for educating families on the value that a bilingual nanny brings to their children. We love all of the work that Cynthia does to continue to uplift the nanny profession and ensure the nannies in her community have a sense of belonging. See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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6. Sarah, The Modern Nanny

Sarah is all about connection! Working as a nanny in the Silicon Valley area, Sarah found herself working alongside many domestic workers but still felt isolated, overwhelmed, and burnt out. She wanted to connect with others and turned to Instagram to create her community. Sarah is bringing this traditionally coworkerless career into the modern day. If you find yourself on Sarah’s page you will find resources to empower yourself to set boundaries and prevent burnout. Sarah is a Nanny Culture & Career Coach—she provides both group coaching and 1:1 intensives. Sarah has a background in Research and Psychology and conducts the Biannual Nanny Census Report, providing valuable insights to the domestic workers industry. See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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7. Simone Reynolds

Simone is the Founder of The Black Nanny Network, a safe space created specifically for black Nannies, Doulas, Baby Nurses, Midwives, Au Pairs, and Child Development Specialists. It’s designed to be a place where black child care providers can come together to recenter and recharge, finding solace in the company of others who share their experiences and challenges. It’s incredibly important for caregivers to not feel isolated in their work. We love seeing so many groups supporting and promoting positive community spaces! See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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8. Cyan Nardiello

Cyan Nardiello, CEO of Once Upon a Nanny aka the Disney Nanny, brings a unique service to the industry. Through the learning experience of working at a daycare and her joy of going to Disney World, she married the two and turned that into the business she runs today. With the help of her Fairy God-Nannies, they help families during their trips to major theme parks to create a special experience and enjoy all it has to offer. We love to see the innovation Cyan is bringing to child care—meeting parents with a unique solution that kids love!

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9. Sue Downey

A nanny of over 20 years, Sue’s passion is helping nannies to continue their path through the profession. She co-founded Nannypalooza in 2005, a 2-day conference for nannies and nanny-related businesses. In 2015 Sue took over the coordination of InternNational Nanny Training Day, a day in which nannies and educators gather to attend local events around the world that support them in education and professional development. Regular opportunities for continuing education are essential in helping uplift this amazing profession. See her conversation with Sittercity here.

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10. Ana Nunez

A bright spot of joy can be found in anything Ana touches. On top of her direct child care work with families, she’s also providing thoughtful and energetic insights to parents and caregivers on her Instagram account. She celebrates the joy of caregiving, outlines child safety tips, and is working to “rebrand gentle parenting.” She breaks down concepts, shares her experience, and provides alternative language—all to help everyone thrive through the tricky times. Seeing Ana come up in our feed always puts a smile on our faces!

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11. Stephanie Bauchum

Stephanie Bauchum

What is Stephanie not doing in this industry? Shop for nanny-specific apparel on her online shop Nanny Tees, make connections through her nanny agency Mtoto, invest in yourself with her nanny self-care boxes or nanny retreats, and hear from community members through her Nanny While Black livestreams. She’s also sharing her experience and expertise as an entrepreneur through coaching and branding sessions with other professionals. Her entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds and this industry is lucky to have her! See her conversion with Sittercity here.

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