In honor of National Nanny Recognition Week, we’ve got some poetry to celebrate the people and the profession we all cherish. Enjoy!

Planning a day: a nanny’s version
by Alina Dolbenska

“Wake up, get up, dress up, drink water,
Prepare some snacks. It’s getting hotter,
So, don’t forget to take umbrella,
It’s picnic time with little fella!
Once ready, let’s get the ball rolling.
Oh yeah, the ball…and JK Rowling.
We planned to play, and learn some spells.
The ball, the book…and carousels!
Buy tickets to amusement park.
And win that cute toy tiger shark!
Also explain to your why-asker,
Why there are palms in Madagascar.
Seems like that’s it. Everything’s set” –
She put aside her small notepad,
Turned off the light, and closed her eyes.
She smiled: “And bake two apple pies.”

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The Sweeping Can Wait
by Rachel Bicha

Tying shoelaces, wiping noses,
clearing the countertops while the baby dozes,
sweeping up moon sand, picking up socks,
sanitizing the toy truck you threw in the cat’s litter box—
but wait: I’ve just been informed that your cup is too red,
no I can’t sweep the floors, the broom is your masthead,
the old Amazon box your boat, and I your first mate—
I suppose I can play, the sweeping can wait.


In Between
by Rachel Bicha

You run from me at the playground, reach for me from your crib,
yank your head away as I wipe your nose, then snuggle up against my ribs,
refuse to hold my hand as we walk through the store,
then later, stick your chubby hands under the closed bathroom door.
So independent now, but still want to be cared for:
when Dad comes home, you protest, wanting me to play more—
no worries, little one, I’ll be here tomorrow for sure.


by Rachel Bicha

I don’t carry a briefcase or a laptop to work,
don’t look very important, no piles of paperwork.
I don’t own a blazer, all my dress shoes are retired
not leading any meetings, no Powerpoints required.

Instead, I’m likely to find my outfit food-stained,
tote a diaper bag filled to the brim with your toy trains,
carry piles of math worksheets we’ll work on together,
take a trip to the store for your diorama due on the weather.

I’m not a CEO, a lawyer, a teacher or nurse,
not a scientist discovering new stars in the universe,
more likely to change diapers than minds in a boardroom,
far busier scheduling nap times than meetings over Zoom.

No fancy titles, no letters after my name,
but I know that I’m changing the world all the same.

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My lovely nanny said to me
by Alina Dolbenska

When time was harsh, and my own home
Seemed like a foreign place to me,
When I was feeling all alone,
Like someone put me on my knees,
I just remembered the simple phrase
My lovely nanny said to me:
“You are your home and your own grace,
All come and go. So, let it be”

However people tried to fight
However they wanted to cause pain
To prove their truth is only right,
And I’m the one to take the blame,
I never felt I’m out of place
Cause nanny’s voice inside of me
Said I’m my home and my own grace.
All come and go. So, let it be.

And when my children come and ask
How to confront bad thoughts and doubts,
How not to stop believing yourself,
And not to fear the thunderclouds,
I’ll turn to them, a smile on my face,
And ask them to move closer to me:
“You are your home, and your own grace.
All come and go. So let it be.”

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