We don’t always announce every feature we release to our members, but when this feature affects every sitter on the site, we thought it deserved its own special announcement. Drum roll please…sitter age is no longer publicly displayed on profiles.

Families are looking for you. Apply to jobs. CTAFamilies are looking for you. Apply to jobs. CTA

What’s New

a phone showing what a Sittercity profile now looks like without their age being displayed.The ability to hide a sitter’s age from their profile has been a longstanding ask from our sitter community. This new feature also aligns with our Inclusion Policy, which works to ensure that all members are valued members of our network.

What Hasn’t Changed

While we still require a date of birth for identity authentication purposes, it’s for internal use only. It will not be displayed publicly and is entirely up to you if it’s something you want to share with families.

Showing Off Your Experience

When it comes to building your professional profile, the years of your experience will now be front and center when a parent is viewing your profile. We encourage all sitters to take time to build out the ‘bio’ section of your profile, which highlights the details of your experience and qualifications.

Now that age is no longer displayed on a sitter’s profile, the years of your experience may weigh more heavily when it comes to a family’s decision to hire someone or not. But remember, every family is looking for something different.

If you are new to Sittercity or to your career in child care there are many other highlights you can add to your profile, aside from your years of experience.

“Have great references for your character, the type of person you are in communication, reliability, adaptability, interpersonal skills, why you are someone they would want their children to become like. No matter if this is your first job, it’s more about who you are and your enthusiasm for working to support the goals of the family.”

– Jenna S. | Santa Cruz, CA

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We hope that this new feature is beneficial for everyone in our community. Our Customer Success team listens to each and every feature request that our members call in or write in about. It’s important to us that Sittercity is working for you, so if there is anything you would like to suggest, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at support@sittercity.com.

Happy Sitting!

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