There are so many innovative and creative individuals in the child care industry. In honor of Black History Month, we want to celebrate the businesses and organizations created by the Black nannies and sitters in our community. Join us in the celebration by supporting their work through sharing and engaging in their work.

Nanny Tees

Stephanie Bauchum founded this international apparel line and lifestyle brand for nannies, household staff, and caregivers. It’s full of fun and relatability that brings light to the nanny community while encouraging nannies to wear their title with honor. In addition to shopping for nanny-specific apparel from Nanny Tees, Stephanie also allows you to make connections through her nanny agency Mtoto, invest in yourself with her nanny self-care boxes or nanny retreats, and hear from community members through her Nanny While Black livestreams.

Blue banner with text saying "When your daily nanny makes every day magical" and showing a caregiver and a toddler sitting together, smiling and clapping.

The Black Nanny Network

Simone Reynolds has created this safe space specifically for black Nannies, Doulas, Baby Nurses, Midwives, Au Pairs, and Child Development Specialists. It’s designed to be a place where black child care providers can come together to recenter and recharge, finding solace in the company of others who share their experiences and challenges.

Nanny Cards

Tassecia has provided a shop of a wide variety of nanny-based greeting cards to celebrate all the important milestones in a nanny’s career as well as most occasions and holidays. She aims to send messages of love and hope throughout the nanny community. Tassecia wants parents and agencies to recognize the important work of their nannies and celebrate them through her cards.

Nanny Kim on The Go

Kimberly Brown, aka Nanny Kim, specializes in 1-on-1 coaching and consultations regarding conflict resolution, starting hard conversations, and contract negotiations. She also offers group coaching through her Business of Nannying Program twice a year.


Shada Lambert, aka Nanny Sharz is the founder of NannyCON and BNT Nannies. NannyCON is an International CPD Childcare and Wellness Conference focus on high-quality child care professional development, self-care, wellness, and fun. They aim to provide an experience that will enhance attendee’s skills and knowledge as a professional in the child care field. All attendees get a CPD certificate that they can add to their career portfolio.

Yellow banner with text saying "When you need someone who cares as much as you do" and showing a caregiver with a smiling baby.

The Alliance of Minority Owned Nanny Agencies & Professional Nannies (A.M.O.N.A.P.N.)

Co-founders Lisa DesBoine-Murray & Jacqueline Williams created this non-profit organization to provide a safe space where agency owners and nannies of color are able to connect, network, and flourish without regard to the color of their skin. AMONAPN provides support, opportunities, and resources in order to change the image of domestic staff-related roles from ‘the help’ to that of a respected career field.

Courtnee Jones

Aa an experienced private luxury child care provider who’s simultaneously raising their own little human, Courtnee is passionate about helping parents and their little ones create the best foundations to thrive on. Courtnee offers nanny parent support calls—the ultimate solution for parents who are looking for support and guidance in their nanny-parent journey. These 30-minute sessions are designed to provide nanny parents with the tools, techniques, and strategies they need to support their individual needs.

A Nanny’s Life Podcast

Career nanny Amber Noelle created a podcast dedicated to highlighting the full experience of caregivers both on and off the clock. The conversations cover a variety of topics—from different positions within the private child care category, to personal experiences colored by our unique occupation. All nannies, mannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, house managers, sitters, and parents are welcome to bring their stories to the table. Amber’s working to #normalizenannylife one conversation at a time.

Pink banner with text saying "When your logistics hero is the hero they look up to" and showing a nanny and child smiling and standing back-to-back.

Little Giggles

Amber Woodruff’s brand, Little Giggles, encourages child developmental growth in the areas of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills. In addition to her child care services she has a family-friendly book: Ava and Her Giggle. Follow along with Ava on her journey to finding her giggle! It’s more than just a laugh. Watch how she and her parent go through the day handling emotions based on Ava’s love language.

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