There’s no denying the personal benefits of working as a sitter or nanny. Babysitting prompts you to be creative, resourceful, responsible and adventurous — all great qualities to help you grow as a person or even a future parent.

While babysitting can be personally meaningful and rewarding, there are several other benefits of being a child care provider. Here are five unexpected reasons to explore babysitting or nannying as a career or side-hustle.

1. Great pay

Babysitting is a great way to make a little extra money or even build a career, with average pay consistently surpassing minimum wage. According to the INA, average hourly rates for nannies in 2017 was $19.14/hour, compared to the federal minimum wage at $7.25/hour. There are a number of factors that can help determine how much you should be paid as a sitter or nanny, such as the state in which you live, the number of children with which you’re working, and the certifications you may possess. Learn more about average babysitting and nanny rates.

2. Scheduling flexibility

Sitting allows you to find work that fits your schedule during the hours you choose. Sittercity grants you access to thousands of job postings, each with its own hourly requirements. Whether you choose to fit various part-time jobs into your schedule, or take on a more traditional full-time commitment, babysitting offers the flexibility to work when you’d like.

3. Time to pursue passion projects

In addition to great hourly pay and work flexibility, babysitting allows you to pursue passion projects or other life goals. When I started nannying, I needed to find a job that fit around my graduate school schedule, and I was able to work for a family whose hourly requirements matched my own. Whether you’re attending college, starting an internship, or setting aside time to volunteer, babysitting is the perfect way to make money on your schedule.

4. Set your own rates

On Sittercity, sitters list their own hourly rates so that they can earn a wage they feel is fair. Families often have an idea of what they’re willing to pay as well, so both parties can discuss what hourly rate works for them. This can bring you a greater sense of control and agency in your employment that not all other lines of work offer.  

5. Choose from a wide variety of jobs

Not all babysitting jobs are created equal, and different families come with a wide array of needs. You can choose to work with infants, toddlers, or elementary-aged children. Some families might be looking for a sitter who can provide homework help, while others are looking for someone who can help cook meals or help organize family schedules. Each job will be different, so there are a variety of options to choose from.


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