As TikTok takes over the social media landscape, influencers, creatives, and entrepreneurs in every field–including child care–use the platform to connect with their audience. But what makes some digital creators go viral and others remain unknown?

Hayley Williams, a nanny, model, digital creator, and holistic wellness advocate shared her secret to success on the latest episode of The Great Unicorn Search Podcast. Over the past few months, her online platform blew up after she started sharing day-in-the-life videos of her as a nanny in New York City. So how did she do it?

Yellow banner with text saying "When you can't drop work to do school pick-ups" and showing a smiling child care provider & child on a scooter.Be Authentically You

Hayley began babysitting back in high school, so when she went to college in New York City, she was naturally drawn to nannying jobs to help pay her bills.

As she finishes up her degree, she’s undergoing a process of self-love and honoring her authentic self. Hayley talks about her experience sitting for a family during a period of time when she was struggling, and she regrets her inability to make space for the child she worked with. Today, she works with a new family, and it feels like a whole new world because Hayley practices self-care, which allows her the space to care for the kids in return.

The first TikTok day in the life of a NYC nanny video she released wasn’t intended to go viral. Hayley created the video as something fun to do for herself and the kid she sits. This level of raw authenticity is part of why Hayley’s platform blew up so quickly and continues to intrigue her audience.

Be A Mentor

Another reason Hayley’s videos do so well is that they show the strong relationship between a nanny and a child. When you watch her TikToks, it’s clear that the kid Hayley babysits adores her. Hayley says nannying is fifty-percent caregiving and fifty-percent mentoring. Being a good role model, helping kids explore, and learning new things from the kids you sit are essential to building a great nanny-child relationship.

Blue banner with text saying "When your daily nanny makes every day magical" and showing a caregiver and a toddler sitting together, smiling and clapping.You Matter

If you take anything away from our interview with Hayley, it’s this: you and everyone around you benefit from you taking the time and space to connect with your authentic self. Prioritizing you only helps you make space for others and live life with purpose.

Do you want to learn more about Hayley’s child care journey, her path to becoming a big name on TikTok, and her tried-and-true methods for success and self love? Listen to Sittercity’s The Great Unicorn Search podcast to hear the whole story. You can listen on the podcast website, Apple, Spotify, or Google.

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